15kg electronic table scale small-scale production factory weighing use precautions

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Electronic table scale use matters needing attention

1. Operation of Electronic Table Scale (1) Please place the electronic scale on a stable and flat table, do not put it on the shaking or vibrating stand, and use 4 adjustment feet to keep the electronic scale stable. The bubble must be in the center of the circle.

(2) Avoid using electronic scales in locations with excessive temperature changes or severe air flow, such as direct sunlight or the air outlets of air conditioners.

(3) Please use a separate power outlet to avoid interference from other electrical appliances.

(4) When turning on the power, do not place anything on the weighing pan.

(5) Please note that when the low power warning symbol is displayed, the electronic scale must be charged.

2. The use of electronic table scale environment (1) electronic scales should be flat when working, is strictly prohibited in the strong air flow, strong electromagnetic field, heat radiation work place.

(2) It is forbidden to place the electronic scale in a place of high temperature or humidity.

(3) Do not hit or stress (do not exceed its maximum capacity).

3. Electronic table scale maintenance (1) The electronic scale is strictly prohibited weighing and prohibiting the impact of the weighing pan, so as not to damage the sensor.

(2) It is forbidden to shower with rain and water, and the weighing pan can be removed for cleaning. Usually, the machine needs to be protected by plastic skin so as not to scratch the machine.

(3) It is forbidden to dismantle the machine without authorization. If any problem is required, report it by a professional.

(4) When the battery under voltage indication should be charged in time, so as not to affect the battery life.

(5) When the electronic scale is not used for a long time, turn off the power and charge it every three months to avoid damage to the battery.

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