How to improve the pump performance and service life?

As a modern industrial and agricultural production, research, defense and other industries and equipment, we generally customary by the mechanical power equipment to provide vacuum power transmission device collectively referred to as the vacuum pump. When the vacuum pump used in industrial production, may due to various aspects of failure, will gradually reduce the performance of the vacuum pump, thereby reducing its one continuous operation cycle, affecting its life cycle. Coupled with the vacuum pump design flaws and not standardized installation and operation, resulting in the vacuum pump often bearing high temperature, bearing box fracture and other issues, greatly reducing the continuous operation of the vacuum pump cycle, vacuum pump maintenance staff often have to work overtime to improve and improve , This not only reduces the operating efficiency of the vacuum pump but also greatly increases the finished product. In fact, there are some simple ways in which we can innovate equipment, instruct operators on equipment usage, equipment maintenance and inspection, periodic lubrication of equipment and application of new technologies to improve the performance of vacuum pumps and extend the life cycle of vacuum pumps. Linktone will combine the above suggestions, discuss in detail under the vacuum pump can improve performance and extend the life cycle of several ways. 1, the reliability of the design and manufacture Reliability design and manufacture is very important, because once there is a congenital design flaw, it is bound to seriously affect the performance and life cycle of the vacuum pump. The reliability of the design and manufacture of equipment to eliminate the birth defects, not only to meet the needs of production, but also to make long-term operation of the vacuum pump, thus saving maintenance costs. How to improve the pump performance and service life? 2, the correct installation of the vacuum pump, transport and professional operation of the vacuum pump installation and commissioning before, should carefully study the design requirements of the vacuum pump, especially in the manual of some precautions, not by virtue of their own experience fully installed and commissioning. For example, before driving should pay attention to the following points: (1) select the appropriate installation height to prevent cavitation; (2) before driving the vacuum pump should remove all debris; (3) before the coupling, should be carefully Check if the direction of rotation of the motor is consistent with the design of the vacuum pump. The same operation should pay attention to the following points: (1) to strengthen the inspection, monitoring equipment in operation with or without obvious impact, friction and other abnormal noise; (2) Check the motor operating current peaks have not exceeded the rated value; ) Check the pressure on the import and export have more than 5% of the rated value; (4) Check the temperature of the lubricating oil is not too high; (5) Note that the vacuum pump vibration test is performed according to GB10889-89 regulations. Therefore, the correct installation of the vacuum pump, commissioning is very important. Careful operation is also important, so to enhance the theoretical knowledge of vacuum pump operators to learn, so that they master the correct pump, pump switching and pump stop the steps, some auxiliary systems such as preheating, flushing, etc. The correct operation is equally important . Although the vacuum pump head and flow of a wide dynamic range, but should also be required to avoid the vacuum pump in the long-term pump down, low flow, pressure or overload condition, not only is it easy to cause fatigue fracture of the pump shaft will make the vacuum pump The efficiency is reduced and the energy consumption is increased. 3, regular maintenance of the vacuum pump and carry out predictive maintenance of any mechanical device has a certain life, a complete vacuum pump consists of many parts, therefore, vacuum pump failure is an extremely inevitable phenomenon. Just as our private cars require regular maintenance every year, like regular predictive maintenance, periodic predictive maintenance of the vacuum pump is necessary to improve the performance of the vacuum pump and to extend the life of the vacuum pump, and to check and eliminate potential problems before they fail Hidden dangers, so will greatly improve its service life. According to relevant research reports, in the recent ten years, many large enterprises at home and abroad have organized vacuum pump maintenance workers on their devices regularly and predictive maintenance. This is because, on the one hand, predictive maintenance is a step-by-step check to determine where the fault occurred and why, before the vacuum pump fails, the vacuum pump can be repaired in the best possible time, maximizing the benefits of the entire installation. On the other hand, through the way of prior maintenance, you can reduce the vacuum pump failure on the usual production and operation losses. After the above discussion, we can see that although many factors may cause vacuum pump failure, but if we can fully understand these factors, from the original design of the vacuum pump improvements, the installation of the vacuum pump specifications, commissioning and operation to carry out regularly Maintenance, predictive maintenance and other aspects of the start, so will be able to significantly improve the performance of the vacuum pump, thereby extending the life of the vacuum pump. (Editor: pure) More reading: 2016 Beijing Petroleum Exhibition pump valve pipe fittings exhibition information 2016 exhibition information 2016 China World Expo

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