What kind of curtains are there?

Everyone knows that curtains are a must-have for families and hotels. They have functions and decorations that cannot be ignored. Curtains can be shaded, insulated, and soundproofed to create a room atmosphere, softening the stiff lines of the interior spaces and providing residents with a soft, warm, romantic and quiet private space. Although there are many types of curtains , it is not always the case that everybody likes them. The type of curtains that different people prefer is different, so understanding the type of curtains will help you to buy curtains. Follow me to see what kind of curtains and what kind of curtains you have.

What kind of curtains are there?

Mainly can be divided into three categories: finished curtains, fabric curtains, electric curtains.

According to the material points: roller blinds, Roman blinds, plastic aluminum blinds, wood weaving blinds, bamboo blinds, curtains, rattan blinds, vertical blinds, blinds and so on.

Curtain type introduction

Finished curtain

According to their appearance and function can be divided into: roller blinds, pleated blinds, vertical blinds and blinds.

1, roll up and roll freely. It can be divided into: man-made fiber shutters, wooden roller shutters, bamboo shutters. Among them, man-made fiber blinds are knitted by special techniques, and they can withstand reckless solar radiation, transform indoor light quality, and prevent static electricity and fire.

2, according to its different functions can be divided into: blinds, day and night blinds, hives curtains, pleated curtains. The hive curtain has a sound-absorbing effect, and the day and night curtain can have any effect between light transmission and opaqueness.

3, vertical curtain according to their different fabrics, can be divided into aluminum curtains and artificial fiber curtains and so on.

4. Baile curtains are generally divided into wood louvers, aluminum louvers, and bamboo louvers. The greatest feature of the venetian blind is that the light can be adjusted at different angles, so that the natural light in the room changes.

Cloth curtain

Curtains made by designing and sewing with decorative fabrics

1, fabric curtains according to their fabrics, craft can be divided into: printed cloth, dyed cloth, yarn-dyed fabrics, jacquard cloth and other printed cloth: on the plain color cloth with a transfer or garden network printing color, pattern called For the dyed cloth, its characteristics: colorful, rich patterns, delicate.

Dyeing cloth: The dyeing of a single color on the white cloth is called a dyed cloth, which is characterized by its elegance and naturalness.

Sezhibu: According to the needs of the pattern, first classify and dye the gauze, and then interweave to form a color pattern to become a dyed fabric. Its characteristics: strong color fastness, distinct color texture, strong three-dimensional sense.

Jacquard printing: Combining jacquard and printing processes as a jacquard fabric.

2, cloth curtain color fabric texture cotton, hemp, polyester, silk, but also can be concentrated raw materials mixed weaving. The texture of the cotton fabric is soft and the hand feel is good. The linen fabric has a good drape and a strong sense of texture. The silk fabric is elegant and gorgeous. It is composed of 100% natural silk. Its natural, rough, elegant, layered and strong characteristics have become the most fashionable products in 2003; polyester fabrics are quite scratchy, bright in color, do not fade, and do not shrink.

Cloth curtains have been the mainstay of window decoration for many years and will continue to be the mainstream trend in the future. It will only be updated in terms of fabrics and situation. People began to pursue the feeling of natural simplicity in home furnishing, and then there were some curtains, wooden curtains and other materials. From the type point of view, the more fashionable curtains are mainly the following:

Rolling shutter

At present, the most popular roll shutter material is made of Korean imported fabrics. The shutters of Korean fabrics are simple, generous, colorful, and easy to use; in addition, they can be shaded, breathable, and fire-retarded. After a period of time, they can be used for cleaning. More convenient.

The biggest feature of the roller blinds is simplicity. There is no fancy decoration around the window. There is a roll box on the window and you can pull it down when you use it. More suitable for installation in the study, a computer room and a smaller room in the room. Like quiet, simple people, suitable for the use of roller blinds, West Sun room shade with a better shutter effect. Roller blinds have a single color, color, and a curtain is a whole pattern.


Roman shade

Roman blinds are more suitable for cloth curtains installed in luxury homes. They use a wide range of fabrics, and fabrics with a general texture can be used as Roman blinds. This kind of curtain decoration is very good, gorgeous and beautiful. Since the fabrics in the market are generally 1.4 meters in width, the width of the windows with Roman shades is preferably less than 1.4 meters. No seams are needed in the middle, and only one length is required when buying cloth.

Plastic aluminum louver

In the traditional concept, the blinds are only suitable for offices and are not suitable for home furnishings. Many families have also begun to have a special liking for blinds. Blinds have good shading effect and strong ventilation, but the effect of blocking mosquitoes and flies is not better than fabric gauze. Therefore, the blinds are more suitable to be installed in the kitchen of the home, and the oil can be used to wash off the oil. In order to meet the needs of homes, the shutters on the market are more colored and are no longer all white.

Wood weaving

Many people are pursuing a feeling of returning to their original nature. Wooden weaving curtains become a kind of fashion. Wooden weaving bamboo and wooden weaving curtains are divided into several types: wood weaving, bamboo weaving, weaving, and rattan weaving. Wooden weaving curtains can be displayed in the home to show style and taste. It is basically light-proof but has good air permeability. It is suitable for homes with pure natural style. The wood used for wood weaving is very particular and it is an imported pull. Sen wood production, so the price is high, 200 yuan to 300 yuan per square meter. There are many imitation products on the wooden weaving market. The material of this imitation wood weaving curtain is made of poplar wood. The middle stick is not quite straight, and there are obvious hairs and black hair on it. The real wooden woven curtain sticks are hard and straight and the surface is very smooth.

Bamboo blinds and curtains

Very decorative, but the curtain effect is worse, they are more suitable for furnishings in the rustic and culturally rich home, hanging on a wall, all kinds of ornaments on the display. It should be noted that bamboo curtains are prone to mildew, and curtains are prone to insects. Therefore, these two kinds of curtains are often used outdoors for outdoor use. However, they are very cheap and can be replaced if they are used for a year.


Among various kinds of wood weaving curtains, it belongs to the most noble product, made of bamboo skin, which is not deformed by wind and sun, and has good air permeability. It is suitable for summer use. All the above wooden weaving curtains need only be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

All kinds of wood weaving curtains are not so much curtains as home furnishings. The home decoration is popular in the style of rough and return, so all kinds of wooden weaving curtains become the most fashionable home accessories. However, when used in the evening, the wooden woven curtains are usually poorly shaded and must be further added with a curtain of fabric curtains. These limitations determine the trend of curtains that will lead the curtains in the future. No matter when the best window decoration or cloth art, it will be constantly updated in terms of type and material, so that its functionality and decorative perfect.

Vertical blinds

The vertical curtain is named after the blades are hung vertically on the upper rail and can be freely dimmed to achieve the purpose of shading. According to the different materials can be divided into: PVC vertical curtain, vertical blinds common fabric, aluminum vertical curtain. According to the different operating methods are divided into: manual vertical curtain, electric vertical curtain. According to the appearance can be divided into: straight vertical blinds, vertical curtains can be bent.

Venetian blinds are made of aluminum alloy, wood and bamboo lacquer. They are durable, new, easy to clean, non-aging, non-fading, shade, heat insulation, breathable and fireproof. They are suitable for high-grade office buildings, homes, hotels and villas. Places like this can also be accompanied by stickers to make their style more fresh and elegant. There are two kinds of control methods: manual and electric.

Electric curtain

From the installation can be divided into built-in and external. Built-in electric curtains can not see the motor, only the track from the surface (the principle is similar to the electric rail car, the motor runs inside the track, the market is quite small, only to see the "Dream home" electric curtain has a); external As the name implies, the motor is exposed (don't worry, it hides in the cloth after hanging the curtain cloth, and it is not visible).

According to the different operating mechanism and decorative effect, it can be divided into electric curtain series, electric lift series, electric ceiling curtain (outdoor electric canopy and indoor electric ceiling), electric sunshade, electric sunshade and other series, specific as blinds, Roller blinds, Roman blinds, soft gauze curtains, custom curtains, honeycomb curtains, etc.

Formally can be divided into: electric opening and closing curtains, electric shutter, electric blinds, outdoor awnings, outdoor blinds, outdoor sun visor, hollow blinds, all or semi-shade guide rail shutter.


Indoor canopy curtains can be divided into: according to the site installation environment and driving methods: Jialisi ceiling (fabric different there are other sayings), FTS, FCS, FSS and so on.

Electric opening and closing curtain motor classification The electric opening and closing curtain system includes a track system, a control system and a decorative curtain. The track system uses a driving method of a DC motor drive, an AC motor drive, and an electromagnetic drive.

DC motors generally use built-in or external power transformers, which are safe, low-power, and operate for long periods of time. The motors do not generate heat and are international standards. And the driving power is generally larger, the load of the curtain can reach 40-100 kg, the noise is relatively small, especially after the load is smaller than the idling sound, and its control circuit is relatively simple, generally are built-in receiver, do not need to External receiver. AC motor drive mode can directly use 220V power supply, the control circuit is more complex, generally require an external receiver, and less secure; Although the drive power is large, but the motor is easy to heat and affect the service life.

Editor's summary: If you want to create an elegant, refreshing feeling, you can choose a soft material such as glass yarn, lace, but these materials are less light-blocking; if used in the bedroom, you need to use the two together, that reflects the bedroom as a whole The style also protects the privacy of the bedroom; for example, if the overall style of home decoration is relatively simple, some cotton material curtain fabrics can be used.

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