Thermal break bridge doors and windows features thermal insulation bridge doors and windows maintenance

Aluminum alloy doors and windows of insulated bridges are a new type of high-grade doors and windows that have emerged in the 21st century in China. They have a certain history in developed countries. The aluminum alloy doors and windows of insulated bridges are made of two layers of aluminum alloy inside and outside through reinforced nylon partitions. Separated and closely connected into a whole, constitute a new type of insulation aluminum, with this profile for doors and windows, its thermal insulation performance than ordinary aluminum doors and windows has been greatly improved, to solve the aluminum alloy conduction heat dissipation The fatal problem that does not meet the energy saving requirements. Next, Xiao Bian introduced the characteristics of thermal insulation and broken doors and windows, and the maintenance of thermal insulation broken doors and windows.

Thermal break bridge doors and windows features

1, good thermal insulation

The use of heat insulation profiles inside and outside the frame soft combination, the border adopts a plastic strip, double-strip three-sealed form, close tight, airtight, particularly watertight performance, superior insulation properties; sash with insulating glass structure, so that the windows really show sound insulation , Insulation, heat preservation, excellent function, a large number of savings in mining and refrigeration costs, K value of heat transfer coefficient detected 2.23 - 2.94w / 2K or less, energy-saving effect is significant, a few years of energy-saving costs can make up for previous investment.

2, waterproof function

The principle of pressure balance is used to design a structural drainage system. The design slides down the slope and has a drainage outlet. The drainage is smooth and the water tightness is good.

3, anti-condensation, frost

The broken bridge aluminum profile can realize the three sealing structures of doors and windows, reasonably separate the water vapor cavity, successfully achieve the equal pressure of gas and water, significantly improve the watertightness and airtightness of doors and windows, and achieve a net and bright effect.

4, mosquito screen design

Invisible screens can be installed and used inside and outside, with anti-mosquito and flies, especially for mosquitoes and insects in the north.

5, anti-theft, anti-loose device

Coupled with a unique multi-point hardware lock to ensure the stability and security of the window in use.

6, noise and sound insulation

The structure has been carefully designed and the joints are tight. The test results show that the sound insulation of the air can reach 30--40db, and the residents within 50 meters on both sides of the highway can be protected from noise. The adjoining downtown can also guarantee the quiet and warm interior.

7, fire protection

Aluminum alloys are metal materials and will not burn.

8, sand, wind pressure

The hollow frame adopts hollow design, strong resistance to wind pressure deformation, and good anti-vibration effect. It can be used in high-rise buildings and residential houses. It can design large-area windows and have a large lighting area. This type of window is more airtight than any aluminum or plastic window, and it can ensure that there are no dust on the indoor sill and floor in areas with large sandstorms.

9, the high intensity of the same type, maintenance-free

The broken bridge aluminum door form has high tensile and shear strength and thermal deformation resistance. Rugged and durable aluminum profiles are not susceptible to acid and alkali corrosion, they are not easy to fade yellow, and almost no maintenance.

10, a variety of colors, highly decorative

The indoor and outdoor surfaces of the doors and windows can be different colors to meet the customer's preference for color effect and the aesthetic needs of the color space, in line with the architect's personalized design requirements. Aluminum streamlined design, luxurious style.

11, green building materials, circular economy

Broken aluminum doors and windows in the production process will not only produce harmful materials, all materials can be recycled and recycled, is a green building materials and environmental protection products, in line with human sustainable development.

12, many forms, comfortable and durable

There are flat open type, introversion type, top suspension type, push-pull type, flat open and introverted combined type, etc., applicable to public buildings, residential quarters and municipal engineering; high-quality hardware accessories durable, humanized operation handle design, beautiful and comfortable, easy to open Flexible, each use of the action has been tested, the number of fatigue tests up to tens of thousands of times, sliding easily and silently, mature and perfect doors and windows processing technology, high-precision program control processing center for production, quality and stability guaranteed.

Thermal insulation bridge doors and windows maintenance

1. When cleaning broken aluminum doors and windows, one must not step on the aluminum frame or pull the frame for support.

2. After the rainy weather, wipe the raindrops on the glass and the window frames promptly, paying special attention to the chute. If the chute is used for a long time, the friction force is increased. Add a little oil or a layer of wax oil.

3, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows with a soft cloth dipped in water or a neutral detergent, can not use ordinary soap and detergent, but can not use detergent, toilet detergent and other strong acid and alkali cleaners, this will break the aluminum Give it away.

4. Sealed tops and glass adhesives are the key to guarantee the sealing of aluminum doors and windows of broken bridges, insulation and waterproofing. If there is any detachment, they must be promptly repaired and replaced.

5, should always check the tightening bolts, positioning axis, wind bracing, floor springs, etc., in time to replace the damaged parts, aluminum alloy doors and windows of the vulnerable parts to regularly add oil to keep clean and flexible.

6. Always inspect the joints between the aluminum frame and the wall of the broken bridge. If the loosening occurs for a long time, the entire frame can easily be deformed so that the doors and windows cannot be closed and sealed. Therefore, loosening of the screws at the joints should be fastened immediately, such as loosening of screw footings, and application of epoxy glue to adjust a small amount of cement.

7. In the process of using the broken aluminum doors and windows, lightly push and push and pull it smoothly; if it is found to be difficult, it should not be forcibly removed. Accumulation of dust and deformation is the main reason for the difficulty in pushing and pulling aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is necessary to keep the door frame clean, especially the cleaning of the pull tank. Vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the dust in the groove and door seal tops.

Editor's summary: About the characteristics of thermal insulation broken doors and windows and thermal insulation broken doors and windows maintenance is introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Windows and doors broken doors and windows

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