This sofa, guests come face to face!

Every sofa in every household looks like a plate, it's really boring! Don't hurry to complain. Xiao Bian gives you different points today. These sofas guarantee creativity! 1 / 11 The dream of Xiao Bian's dream is to laze in the sofa, be a couch potato, live a pig-like day. If the sofa in the living room looks like this, the guests at home must have face. 2 / 11 【Coffin Sofa】Alive people can also have a "casket"! This is thanks to this coffin-type sofa. Please don’t just start rejecting this strange thing. After all, this strange and cheesy work cannot satisfy everyone’s needs. In contrast, it can attract people who are very interested in the so-called afterlife. . 3 / 11 [flaming lips sofa] good charming, good ecstasy ... Xiao Bian said it has been picked up. . 4 / 11 【Chocolate Sofa】Chocolate fanatic designed to create this dream chocolate sofa, looks very delicious, is actually made of leather, delicate design allows you to hide your snacks in the hidden location of the sofa, The above detachable table looks like this huge chocolate ripped wrapper, and the memory foam in the sofa lets you feel the melted chocolate after touching. 5 / 11 [Hug sofa] This sofa has two long "arms" on both sides. Does it feel like a person is taking a nap? It's better to hold a sofa or let the sofa hold you. 6 / 11 【Plastic Foam Sofa】This type of sofa is made of artificial materials and has many advantages such as saving money and portability. 7 / 11 [Paper Sofa] Located in the "Paper Pot Restaurant" of the Carton King Creative Park on Qiming Ming Road, Minhang, Shanghai, a paper sofa and a paper coffee table. 8 / 11 【Bulletproof Sofa】 The world's first sofa with bulletproof function. The sofa is equipped with a firewall inside to protect people sitting on the sofa from bullet attacks. The bulletproof sofa is not only functional but also fashionable. Xiao Bian thinks that the Mi people need it more than we do. 9 / 11 [Mecha Cat Sofa] When I saw this sofa, I immediately understood why foreigners were sitting on the couch and called "Potato"! Although it's plain, it's one of the characteristics of the word is that it really has a lot of pockets - handrails, under the knees, everywhere are different sizes, but also practical zipper bag, whether it is a mobile phone, remote control, Newspapers and magazines, snacks, and other things like game consoles can all be "into the bag." With it, you don't even need a coffee table. You can enjoy your own "potato time" as generously as you can. However, go to the toilet or get up! 10/11 view of the couch] nature lovers are sure to want to put outdoor scenery back to their homes, and now they find themselves able to exposure to clouds rolling mountains in their own living room. This Montanara sofa is a natural landscape seat with waterfall cushions and mountain-like backrests. This picturesque sofa allows you to enjoy life more. Whether you are a clerk or a boss at work, you can feel like a giant at the top of a sofa at home. It also makes you want to sing and sing folk songs. . 1 1/11 [High-heeled sofa] This sofa is made of high-heeled shoes. The girl sees both eyes shining. However, this sofa really needs to sit on it.

Creative sofa

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