12 items that must be paid attention to in installation of intelligent pressure transmitter

The intelligent pressure transmitter has the advantages of reliable operation, stable performance, easy installation and use, small size, light weight and high performance-to-price ratio. It can be widely used in various positive and negative pressure measurements. The pressure transmitter adopts imported diffusion silicon or ceramic core as the pressure detection element. The sensor signal is converted into 0-10mA or 4-20mA unified output signal by high-performance electronic amplifier. Pressure transmitters can replace traditional remote pressure gauges, Hall elements, differential transmitters, and have DDZ-II and DDZ-III transmitter performance. Pressure transmitters can be used with various types of moving coil indicators, digital pressure gauges, and electronic potentiometers. Pressure transmitters can also be used with various automatic adjustment systems or computer systems.

Intelligent pressure transmitter installation 12 items 1, first check the pressure transmitter around the signal interference, if any, try to exclude, or as much as possible so that the sensor shield wire connected to the metal shell, and enhance anti-jamming capability.

2, to regularly clean the mounting hole to ensure that the installation hole is clean. Prevent the transmitter from contacting with corrosive or overheated media;

3. When wiring, pass the cable through the waterproof connector (accessory) or the winding tube and tighten the sealing nut to prevent rain water from leaking through the cable into the transmitter housing.

4. When measuring gas pressure, the pressure tap should be open at the top of the process pipe, and the transmitter should also be installed in the upper part of the process pipe so that the accumulated liquid can be easily injected into the process pipe.

5, when measuring the liquid pressure, take the pressure port should be open in the side of the process pipeline to avoid sedimentation slag.

6, the pressure transmitter can not use more than 36V voltage, easily lead to damage.

7. When freezing occurs in winter, the transmitter installed outdoors must adopt anti-freezing measures to avoid the expansion of the volume of the liquid in the pressure-introducing port due to the icing, leading to the damage of the sensor.

8. When measuring steam or other high-temperature medium, a condenser such as a buffer tube (coil) must be connected, and the operating temperature of the transmitter should not exceed the limit. And the buffer tube needs to inject a proper amount of water to prevent the superheated steam from coming into contact with the transmitter. And the buffer heat pipe cannot leak.

Measuring the Pressure of the Steam Pipeline Transmitter Installation Example 9. When measuring the liquid pressure, the transmitter should be installed in a location where the impact of the liquid (water hammer phenomenon) should be avoided to avoid overvoltage damage to the sensor.

10, the pressure tube should be installed in a place where the temperature fluctuations are small;

11, to prevent dross deposition in the catheter;

12. The medium measured by the pressure transmitter cannot freeze icing. Once it freezes, it can easily damage the diaphragm because the diaphragm is generally thin.

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