How much does the interior wall latex paint cost a square to avoid the wall paint 3 errors to help you save money

Wall paint can be seen everywhere in our homes and is a material that is often used in home furnishings. We use healthy and environmentally-friendly wall paint to dress up for our new home. Not only can we quickly remove formaldehyde, it will not give off unpleasant odors, and we can create a healthy breathing environment for ourselves and our families to make our lives more secure. So many people will ask such a question, how much is the interior wall latex paint ? Next Xiaobian will explain it for everyone.

How much is a square meter of interior latex paint

Generally speaking, the price per square is about 20-30 RMB. This is a price including raw materials and labor. But brands, labor costs, and functionality also affect this price. If you buy raw materials yourself, the labor cost is about 10 yuan per square meter.

How much is a square meter of interior wall latex paint

Now we explain the misunderstandings in the purchase. For those who do not add the word, perhaps many people think that it is natural environmental protection. Actually, this can only show that there is no artificial addition of harmful substances, and it cannot explain that the material itself is environmentally friendly.

How much do interior latex paint cost a square 3

The net taste we usually say is not to say that there is no taste, which means that it is very environmentally friendly. Can only explain its odor is not pungent, relatively low, raw materials are better. But can not rule out some fake products, use some flavor to hide the taste of wall paint.

How much is the interior wall latex paint one square 4

Currently, the market is promoting what functions such as "multiple integration and full efficiency", but not the more functions, the better. This depends on your needs. If you don't need multifunction at all, buying expensive paint is a waste.

Xiao Bian's words: The network also exposed a company's latex paint formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic gases exceeded, this news is really shocking! For the sake of our family’s health, we recommend choosing some materials that are healthy and environmentally friendly so that our quality of life can be guaranteed. The above is the size of the inner wall latex paint shared by Xiao Bian and everyone. I hope we can give you some references. For more related content, you can pay attention to Qijia Information, and follow-up will show more exciting content!

How much is a square of interior latex paint

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