Household gas cooker purchase tips

Dear customers and consumers of natural gas:

Hello, thank you for your long-term concern and support for PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd. Xianning Branch (hereinafter referred to as "my company"). Thanks to your care, support and help, our company has achieved safe, efficient and sustainable development in the daily business of pipeline gas construction, distribution, sales and service in Xianning City.

On the occasion of the “3·15” International Consumer Rights Day in 2017, our company reminds consumers: When purchasing domestic gas cookers and gas leak alarms that are closely related to daily life, pay attention to some basic knowledge and Purchases, in order to help you visually identify and identify the quality of various gas equipment sold in the market, the recommendations are as follows, for reference only:

First, household cooking equipment purchase notes

When purchasing a domestic gas cooker, if your economic conditions permit, it is recommended to buy a well-known brand of stoves, because of its product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed, of course, the price is more expensive. If you want to buy a common brand of stove, because you can not disassemble the machine to view its internal structure at the time of purchase, and can not test its burning effect, so how to identify and identify the quality of the stove, it is recommended to pay attention to the following five points :

1. Try to choose a stainless steel panel cooker. Because the explosion-proof performance of tempered glass of cheap stoves is generally poor, so try to avoid this problem. Check the stove and burner of the gas cooker for burrs, trachoma, rough processing; whether the fire cover and the firearm can be installed tightly; whether the damper adjustment piece is easy to adjust and not easy to slide.

2. When purchasing a gas cooker, carefully check the nameplate mark on the gas cooker package, whether the production license number is marked; whether the gas source (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas) and other types are clearly marked, such as: 12T, 20Y, etc. If it is found that the production license number is not marked, the gas source type is not clearly marked, and the gas source type has been modified, these stoves cannot be purchased, and the product may have certain safety hazards.

3. When purchasing a gas cooker, you should know the type of gas source used at home. Buy a gas cooker that matches your home's gas source, otherwise it will affect your normal use and even cause a safety accident. When purchasing a gas stove for natural gas, generally buy 12T gas; when purchasing a gas stove using liquefied petroleum gas, generally use 20Y gas. Natural gas is transported by municipal gas pipelines, while liquefied petroleum gas is generally filled with cylinders.

4. When purchasing a gas cooker, check whether it is equipped with a flameout protection device. The gas cooker is equipped with a qualified flameout protection device to prevent gas leakage when the gas cooker is unexpectedly turned off. Under normal circumstances, if there are two induction needles near the burner of the embedded gas cooker, there is definitely one induction needle for the flameout protection device; if there is no induction needle near the burner of the desktop gas cooker, it can be determined that the gas cooker is not extinguished. protective device.

5. When purchasing a gas cooker, when connecting a gas pipe with a hose or a bellows, check whether it is equipped with the necessary gas pipe fastening fittings. If it is not equipped with suitable parts, do not buy it. After purchasing the gas cooker, connect and fasten the gas pipeline as required and keep the joint sealed well; if the embedded gas cooker is installed, ensure that the cabinet below the cooker is well ventilated.

Second, the domestic gas leak alarm purchase considerations

The gas leak alarm is a very important gas safety accessory, which is a very important safety protection device for safe use of city gas. When choosing to purchase a gas leak alarm, it is recommended to pay attention to the following three points:

1. Purchase according to the type of gas used. Gas leaks are generally not general-purpose. Natural gas leak alarms are used when natural gas is used, artificial gas leak alarms should be used when artificial gas is used, and liquefied petroleum gas leak alarms or liquefied petroleum should be used when using liquefied petroleum gas. Gas-calibrated universal flammable gas detection (Note: Gas components in different regions are different, and gas leakage alarms for calibration and testing with local gas components should be used or purchased).

2. When purchasing a gas leaker, you should choose a product with a good market reputation. On the one hand, the products on the market are mixed, and the general users do not know much about it. It is best to conduct market research before buying. On the other hand, this long-term product does not see its performance and quality when there is no gas leakage on site. . People have high requirements for the long-term stability of gas leakers. However, the current product standards for gas leaks are still insufficient in assessing their long-term stability. Therefore, manufacturers are very important for product performance research and quality control. Of course, we not only know the use of the products from the users who use them for a long time, but also provide us with reference to the test results of the gas for many years in the process of using the gas leak alarm issued by the product testing unit.

3. When using the gas leak alarm, the long-term stability and service life that should be concerned should be paid attention to. The special note is that the sensor has a long life. It should be known to the seller and the manufacturer when purchasing. At the same time, because the gas leakage alarm device used in public places is very important for us to prevent fires, explosions and other safety accidents, it is recommended that commercial gas leak devices should be commissioned for regular inspection to ensure their normal use.

Tips: When purchasing equipment such as household gas cookers, please ask the general public friends and consumers to choose qualified products produced by regular manufacturers, and use gas equipment correctly according to the instructions for use or under the guidance of professionals. For those who roam in various residential quarters and public places, using deception, extortion and other means to promote inferior gas cookers and other equipment, the public is requested to report to the public security organs and leave sufficient evidence. The Xianning Municipal Government functional department will follow the "Xianning City Gas". The Administrative Measures shall be investigated for their relevant responsibilities.

PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd. Xianning Branch

March 14, 2017

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Pyrite as Fillers Used in Steelmaking and Core-Spun Yarn

Steel-making/casting core-clad wire (filling material)

Place of Origin: Henan Luoyang, China

Pyrite, Iron pyrites , pyrites lump, Ferro sulphur, Pyrites powder.

Product Description:

Detailed introduction: Is used as the filling material of cored wires and resulfurization additive agent for steel-making and casting.  It is used for adding sulfur element in steel smelting to improve the cutting performance, inoculation effect, graphite shape and mechanical properties of gray pig iron.


S: 48%min, FE: 42%min, SIO2: 3.0%max, PB: 0.1%max,

ZN: 0.1%max, AS: 0.1%max, . C: 0.3%max, CU: 0.2%max,

H20: 1.0%max, SIZE: 95%min

Granularity: (0-3)mm/(3-8)mm/(3-15)mm/(15-50)mm or other particle size.

Packing: 25KG/500KG/1000KG/BAG or 1000KG/BAG or other packaging.

Note: if there are special requirements, the product can be customized according to clients` requirements.

Steel-making/casting Core-clad Wire --BXX

Pyrite, Iron pyrites, pyrites lump, Ferro sulphur, Pyrites powder.