The advantages and disadvantages of lobular rosewood furniture, novices must not miss, dry goods summary.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of lobular rosewood furniture? In our normal life, we often see a variety of lobular rosewood furniture products. These lobular rosewood furniture products are noble, elegant, or smart and chic. They all look very good, but every kind of furniture products are Have their inherent advantages and disadvantages, the advantages and disadvantages of the lobular rosewood furniture, do you understand? Below, Xiaobian I will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the lobular rosewood furniture for everyone!

The advantages of rosewood furniture:

1, the color is deeper, more reflects the antique style, used in traditional furniture.

2, the wood is heavier, giving people a good quality.

3, the general wood itself has its own fragrance, especially sandalwood.

4, the material is hard, high strength, wear resistance, good durability.

Disadvantages of rosewood furniture:

1. Because of the small amount of production, it is difficult to have quality tree species and the quality is uneven.

2, the grain and the annual ring are not clear, the visual effect is not fresh enough.

3, the material is heavy, not easy to handle.

4, the material is hard, the processing is difficult, and it is prone to cracking.

5, the material is relatively greasy, easy to return oil at high temperatures.

I have written so much, I think you must have counted in your friends. If you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of lobular rosewood furniture , please pay attention to GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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