Experts teach you how to maintain the mahogany tea table, the wonderful content is not to be missed呦

The improvement in living standards has also led to more people choosing mahogany furniture when buying furniture. Redwood furniture should be damp and wet, avoid drying, so pay special attention to daily maintenance. Netizens who have mahogany tea tables at home must be troubled by how to maintain the mahogany tea table. How to maintain it? How to maintain it is true. Today, Xiaobian asks everyone how to properly maintain the mahogany tea table.

For the mahogany tea table, their main characteristic is suitable for the damp environment, and they are not suitable for storage in a dry environment, so for the mahogany tea table of furniture, we should not let them expose to the sun. In addition, for rooms with air conditioning in the summer, we can't let the air conditioner blow against the mahogany tea table.

In the three seasons of our winter, spring and autumn, we must always keep the air too dry. If the humidity of the room is not enough, we can use the humidifier to spray the water. It is also recommended that the homeowner can raise fish indoors or some. Flowers and plants to maintain indoor humidity. The surface of our general mahogany tea table is very brittle, so during the process of use, we should pay attention to prevent bumps or crack the table. If there are some cracks in the process, we can use some glue to put They stick, and another way to protect the desktop is to have a large glass on the surface of the table to protect the table from scratches.

In the daily use process, we have to maintain the desktop once every two or three months, so that the mahogany tea table looks beautiful, and we can also protect the wood from being infested. In the process, if there are some stains on our desktop, then we should gently wipe them with mild soapy water, then let them dry naturally. After drying, we can apply wax once again, which can restore the original appearance of the desktop.

The above how to properly maintain the relevant content of the mahogany tea table , first introduce this, more information, all in GO Jiaju

Source: GO Jiaju

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