Centrifugal pump operation process

Centrifugal pump operation flow Centrifugal pump regular operation is as follows: 1. Centrifugal pump check before starting 1) motor repair, before connecting the coupling, check the motor rotation direction is correct. 2) Check the pump inlet and outlet pipelines and ancillary pipelines, flanges, valve installation meets the requirements, the anchor bolts and ground is good, the coupling is installed. 3) Coach check, rotation is normal. 4) Check the oil level is normal, no oil, and check the oil (grease) of the oil nature. 5) Open the cooling water valve, and check the pipeline is smooth. Note that the cooling water should not be too large or too small, too wasteful than the General Assembly, too small cooling effect is poor. General cooling water into a linear shape can be. 6) Open the pump inlet valve, close the pump outlet valve, and open the pressure gauge hand valve. 7) Check the pump seal and oil seal opening. Note: The hot oil pump should be preheated evenly before starting. 2. Centrifugal pump start 1) fully open inlet valve, close the outlet valve, start the motor. 2) When the pump outlet pressure is greater than the operating pressure, check the normal operation of the ministries, and gradually open the outlet valve. 3) When starting the motor, if it can not be started or there is an abnormal sound, it should be cut off the power supply immediately, and the fault can be started before the fault occurs. 4) start, pay attention to people do not face the coupling, to prevent flying wounding. 3. Centrifugal pump stop pump operation 1) slowly close the pump outlet valve. 2) Turn off the power of the motor. 3) Close the pressure gauge hand valve. 4) After stopping, you can not stop cooling water immediately, and wait for the temperature of the pump to drop below 80 ℃. 5) If necessary, close the inlet valve and drain the pump body. 4. Centrifugal Pump Operation and Maintenance Centrifugal pump in normal operation, the Department of pump members to carefully inspect the following: 1) check the pump outlet pressure, flow, current, etc., not overload operation and accurate recording of current , Pressure and other parameters. 2) Listen to the sound, identify the pump, the motor running sound, to determine whether there is any abnormality. 3) Check the pump, motor and pump seat vibration, such as severe vibration, change the pump check. 4) Check the motor case temperature, the pump bearing housing temperature, bearing housing temperature does not exceed 65 degrees, the motor temperature does not exceed 95 degrees. 5) to ensure the normal situation of lubricating oil and lubricating oil tank level. Lubricating oil tank level, with scale to the standard; have to see the window (oil standard) without the scale line, the oil level should be maintained between 1/3 to 1/2, in the normal oil level, the oil leak does not More than 5 drops / min, pressure oiling, the machine description shall prevail. 6) Check the pump seal and flange, plug, cooling water, oil seal leakage. 7) Check the spare pump spares, turning once a day. 5. Centrifugal pump switching operation In order to ensure the switching pump, the flow, pressure and other parameters remain unchanged, no fluctuations, it is best to operate both at the same time. 1) Do a good job before starting the pump drive. 2) One person first open the standby pump, until the centrifugal pump is running smoothly, slowly open the outlet valve, then with the pump outlet valve open, the pump outlet valve pressure decreased slightly, but the motor current increases, while the other one is slow Turn off the outlet valve to stop the pump, to be run when the pump flow is large enough, and then completely shut down to stop the pump outlet valve, cut off the power, and then stop the normal pump. (Editor: Xiaoxia QQ:) Recommended reading: 2017 exhibition information

ISO standard reinforced GCL is a kind of special used for artificial lake water, landfill, underground garage, the roof garden, pool, oil and chemical storage area such as seepage prevention of geosynthetic materials, it is made of high dilatability of sodium base bentonite filling between the special composite Geotextile and non-woven fabric, with acupuncture law into bentonite seepage control pad can form many small fiber space, is bentonite particles can not be like a direction, when under the influence of water within the mat forming uniform density of colloidal membrane, prevent the leakage of water.


It is used to prevent water leakages in areas of artificial lakes, waste disposal fields, underground garage, top building gardens, reservoirs, oil warehouses, and chemicals accumulating fields.
GCL with film

1. Improved leakage performance
2. Permanent waterproof performance
3. Simple construction and short time limit for a project.
4. Not influenced by air temperature.
5. A kind of green material and good to environmental protection.
6. More versatile than compacted clay 
7. Increased airspace and liner efficiency 
Ce Iso Of Gcl

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