How much does the modified bitumen affect the price of modified asphalt?

Now everyone knows that because of the progress of the times, many families have purchased private cars, which have brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Nowadays, the frequency of cars is increasing. For a friend who has a car to know the lane, then talking about this area will think of the raw material asphalt, asphalt as one of the things that people often appear in life, but now there is a new type of modified asphalt. Next, we will specifically explain how much a ton of modified bitumen is and how it affects the price of modified asphalt.

How much is a ton of modified asphalt

It is understood that the general price of modified bitumen is about RMB 3,500/tonne. Then one ton of modified bitumen can be mixed with 20 tons of bituminous concrete, of which about 18 tons are gravel, and the amount of sand and stone chips is about 2 tons. Crushed stone unit price 60 yuan / m, sand stone chips 35 yuan / m, 20 tons of asphalt concrete material costs 3500 +6.7 x 60 +0.8 x 35 = 3930 yuan, that is, the cost per ton of asphalt concrete material 3930 ÷ 20 = 196.5 yuan.

What is the impact on the price of modified asphalt?

1. In fact, this new type of modified bitumen material is added to the bitumen through the resin and other related substances, thereby improving the quality of the bitumen into the modified bitumen. This fusion causes the original bitumen effect to be greatly improved. Formally for this reason, people began to buy modified asphalt instead of ordinary asphalt. But when people went to the market to buy it, they discovered that the problem had arisen again. Because there are too many types of modified asphalt in the market and the brands are not the same, their prices are very different. Many people do not know how to buy modified asphalt and do not know which one to buy.

2, for an article in the end is good or not in fact depends on the material, then the general material prices in the market are probably more than 1,000, so the material is one of the factors that affect the price of modified asphalt. Because some black-hearted merchants use low-quality materials to make products for the purpose of earning more profits, they then use low prices to fight against other products of their peers. Finally occupy the market, and then increase commodity prices, earn profits, but some businesses in the conscience of good, made with good materials, so the price will certainly be a little higher, so the quality of the material is also an important factor affecting the price of modified asphalt one.

3, next we continue to look at its important factors, the above content we all know that the material for a product is good or bad, and can not be directly judged, the average consumer to buy things are directed at the role and function. Therefore, when we study the factors that affect his price, we must not let go of this factor. We all know that the opinions are similar in appearance, that is, because their functions are different or their functions are different, their prices will be very different. Therefore, it should be clear that the function will be an important factor affecting the price of modified asphalt, which is generally between 1200 and 1500. We all know that many things are now dependent on the brand, so the brand is also an important factor affecting the price of modified asphalt, we should not ignore its existence.

The above is about how much one ton of modified bitumen is, and what related to the price of modified bitumen is introduced here. I hope this helps everyone. If you still don't understand where you can pay attention to more news, if you want to learn more about this news, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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