How does a user choose a smart lock that is cost-effective?

The price/performance ratio of each product is different, and smart lock products are even more so. When choosing a smart lock, the user will always choose some inexpensive and cost-effective products. So how do you choose?

How to choose a cost-effective smart lock

1, functional aspects

Fingerprint lock features include: fingerprint login, fingerprint deletion, information preservation, use rights management, alarm, emergency unlock and so on. In addition, many manufacturers also add some additional features, such as integrated doorbells, voice prompts, networking, telephone alarms, etc. High-performance fingerprint locks are also equipped with a human-machine dialogue system such as a liquid crystal display, which has a higher level of intelligence and has a guide operation. , query open records and built-in parameters, set the state and other functions.


2, durability

No matter what the product, we have to consider durability. This has to be based on the material of the product. The main materials of fingerprint locks on the market are aluminum alloys and zinc alloys. The zinc alloys, compared with aluminum alloys, can have a hardness of only a few tens of thousands, tensile strength is large, and the casting performance is general. The material is selected 304 stainless steel material, explosion-proof function, never rust, in the battery's choice, there are dry batteries and lithium battery points, and lithium batteries can be recycled charge, stability is stronger. The quality that comes with quality materials is more secure and reliable.

3, smart

For the lock, the most straightforward inspection method is to unlock the lock. Most of the unlocking methods on the market are fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, and emergency key unlocking. However, there are some unique unlocking methods: the mobile remote APP controls unlocking. Enter the password according to the voice prompt of the mobile phone to control unlocking. This unlocking method is similar to the bank telephone system and has a high degree of security.

Fingerprint lock is the most important function of anti-theft, but some fingerprint locks have also developed anti-theft features. By binding the mobile phone number (you can bind 6 mobile phone numbers), when the lock encounters acts such as violent damage or yoke lock, it will automatically send a message to the owner, the owner can know the situation of the family at the first time, to the family A guardian of time.

4, convenience

Smart products are a major innovation in technology. Most users do not know where to start, how to use, how to maintain, and other issues. They also cannot understand whether the lock is suitable for their own home. Then this requires the manufacturer to use a standard international lock that can meet most of the lock requirements. For their own, easy to install, is the king, bought a not applicable, and then cheap is a waste. Furthermore, it is to look at the after-sales service of the product. Choosing a good after-sales service provider means more safety.


5, lock core

Choosing a good cylinder, the mechanical key cylinder is directly related to your door's protection against flooding and stability, this part is also very important, fingerprint lock no matter how good, in the end can not be separated from the cylinder part, under normal circumstances have the strength Fingerprint lock manufacturers will choose high-grade lock core, so that product quality will be able to be guaranteed. The most obvious, especially the consumer can look at the number of keys and depth of the key number, try to select the number of marbles and the number of products. The number of marbles of a few shades is the key quantity of the mechanical key. The larger the key quantity, the better the security. The national standard generally requires at least A-level locks, and the good fingerprint lock manufacturers generally have a super B-level configuration. Mechanical key, technical lock can be locked as long as 3-20 minutes, Hulusi fingerprint lock is used C-type lock core, in terms of anti-theft, the technology unlocked more than 3 hours.

In the lock market, Luxi fingerprint locks are cost-effective, have their own factory manufacturers, R & D department, product testing after many times, can refer to the above in the purchase, shop around, can not just look at the level of the price, after all, lock is not good Well, it means safety is not high, the door is the first door to enter the home, is the most important door, so when you buy it must choose a reliable business, check the product several times.

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