What are the characteristics of deep-resolution smart wisdom lock?

Are you still worrying about not having a key on the go? Or the key was lost and the door was locked. Now all do not have to worry about, and the emergence of the smart lock smart, to help us solve this problem. The following introduces the function of the smart lock under the smart card.

éš½Smart Lock Features

High security

Has its own codec system, hair code platform and unique patented secure two-dimensional code recognition technology.

The original unique algorithm can control the effective time of two-dimensional codes according to different situations to prevent malicious copying. The two-dimensional code does not record user privacy information, and the data is subjected to special encryption to prevent reading and decoding.

High-precision identification

The bit error rate is as low as one ten-millionth, which is more than 10 times lower than the error rate of general digital technology.

Powerful adjustable ability, can set a variety of parameters, according to the need to adjust the appropriate reading accuracy.


Security QR code technology assistant hotel industry o2o marketing model directly on the ground and expand.

Combining the hotel with the wireless internet to provide the hotel with an innovative marketing and membership service platform to bring convenience and experience to consumers in the high-tech era.

Ease of use

Virtualize the physical card to meet the new trend of smart life in the future.

Applicable to a variety of media, fee-for-touch certification, can achieve paperless applications, health and environmental protection.


product manual:

Application: Home / Office Office / Hotel

Fit door type: wooden door

Unlock method: cell phone / proximity card / mechanical key / manual

Shell material: zinc alloy, tempered glass

Power supply: 4 sections dry battery power supply (requires external power supply)

Reading time: <0.6S

Reading distance: 0~15cm

Reading accuracy: 10 million pixels

The above is the characteristics of Yongzhi smart lock introduced for everyone. It is still very convenient to use. It can solve many problems for us. It is super safe and convenient. Thank you for your browsing!

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