Xia Wo shares factors affecting the hardness of the pipe

Recently, a family member saw a stainless steel tube in the Xiawei Stainless Steel WeChat subscription number. Is it better or harder? Many processors report the most problems encountered when selecting a stainless steel tube and when the user is working.

In fact, this is a more professional problem. The basic materials used today are all stainless steel tubes of material 201. There are two factors affecting the hardness of stainless steel tubes: the annealing of steel strips and the carbon content of stainless steel tubes.

The first factor is the problem of annealing the steel strip of the stainless steel pipe. The quality of the steel strip annealing is directly related to the hardness of the stainless steel pipe. Both the 201 and 304 stainless steel pipes have corresponding standards for their hardness.

The second factor is the carbon content in the stainless steel tube. The main role of carbon in the stainless steel tube is to increase the hardness of the tube, but carbon is also an impurity in the stainless steel. The more the content is, the harder it is, and the possibility of the tube rusting. The bigger will be. Xiyouwo stainless steel high copper content. The thickness of the same specifications of the tube Xiyou Wo is relatively soft, easy to process and shape, is your best choice.

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