Are you still worried about the unevenness of the ground?

Wood floor is a common ground decoration material in home decoration, but we may encounter a series of problems when installing it. The ground is uneven, how to level it? At present, in home decoration, there are generally three kinds of ground leveling methods: machine gypsum leveling, self-leveling leveling, and cement mortar leveling.

Self-leveling leveling advantages: no segregation (components in the cement mortar do not separate during the entire construction process and after the hydration reaction), no sand, no dust, no cracks; low shrinkage, usually 0.3 to 1000 parts per thousand 0.4. After the hydration reaction, cracks do not appear on the surface. The ordinary cement has a high shrinkage rate and is prone to cracks. The construction thickness is thinner at 2-5mm. The surface can be removed within 4-8 hours after construction, and floor covering can be performed after 36-48 hours.

Disadvantages: Can not do partial, need to do the whole house.

Applicable environment: a) Suitable for the ground heating room, because the leveling thickness is relatively thin, does not affect the heat transfer of geothermal; b) is more suitable for shorter rooms, because the leveling thickness is very thin 2-5mm, does not affect the indoor height visual sense.

Plaster leveling advantages: can be used for local leveling, the ground does not need to raise, leveling thickness of about 10-20mm, almost no effect on the room height, drying speed, the price is relatively cheap, easy construction.

Disadvantages: There will be separation of plaster from the original ground.

Applicable environment: The room flatness is slightly better, the floor is smoother, and there are uneven parts.

Cement mortar leveling advantages: suitable for all kinds of ground, all kinds of floor laying before the ground leveling.

Disadvantages: The leveling thickness is too thick at 25--35mm. If the cement mortar is not properly proportioned, the surface layer will be pulverized and dusted, dusted and cracked. The floor (composite floor) forms some gaps with the screed. After the person stepping on it, the dust on the floor is dispersed and then spreads out from the expansion joint and spreads out through the gap in the skirting board to form an ash phenomenon. In addition, empty drums occur where the cement mortar is not evenly leveled.

Applicable environment: The house has a high lift, radiator heating, leveling before laying solid wood flooring, and leveling before laying the composite floor.

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