What kind of plate is suitable for kitchen cabinets?

The kitchen as our grain and oil base, the source of food, kitchen decoration has naturally become the top priority of the entire house decoration. Not only because the kitchen contracted all of our food sources, but also because of the safety hazards in the home, the main switch and circulation of water, electricity and gas are all kitchens. Therefore, the decoration of the kitchen and the plates of the cabinets must be of good quality. There are endless troubles. So what kind of plate is better for kitchen cabinets? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

I. Solid wood panels

Solid wood panels should be a very common material on the market, and consumer feedback is good. Solid wood panels are more upscale and environmentally friendly, which creates an unparalleled advantage and appeal of solid wood cabinets. However, because the price of solid wood cabinets is generally high, and the maintenance is difficult, the service life is not long, and the cost is too high for the average family.

2. Stainless steel sheet

In recent years, stainless steel plate cabinets have also gained a place in the market and are widely welcomed by consumers. When it comes to what kind of plates are used in kitchen cabinets, many people recommend stainless steel. Because stainless steel cabinets are fashionable and easy to clean, the service life is longer than that of solid wood cabinets. However, in the summer, the stainless steel cabinets will have poor heatstroke resistance, which will affect the use effect.

Three. plexiglass sheet

The plexiglass sheet can be said to be very high-grade. It not only looks very high-end atmosphere, but also is very comfortable to use. It not only has the characteristics of easy cleaning of stainless steel cabinets, but also is more durable than solid wood cabinets. The main problem is that the plexiglass material is relatively fragile, and care must be taken during the construction process. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of trouble and cause inconvenience to the kitchen decoration.

4. Plastic sheet

The last one is also the most promising on the market – blister sheet. The scientific name is plastic blister board. In fact, it is also the PVC material we often say. It has good waterproof performance and moisture resistance. This is a must-have function in the kitchen. The disadvantage is that the heat resistance is not good, the deformation is easy after a long time, and the material is easily scratched and bruised. If the home does not often open fire to cook, PVC board is more cost-effective.

About the knowledge of cabinet plates, Xiaobian introduced here. In general, each type of plate has its own advantages and disadvantages, which requires everyone to combine their own actual situation and need to choose the cabinet plate that suits them. As the saying goes, Jinwo Yinwo is not as good as its own kennel, and the gold cabinet is not as good as the silver cabinet. Your favorite cabinet.

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