Is the kitchen and bathroom ceiling selected gypsum board or aluminum plate?

Ms. Jiang from Xi'an “Heilun International Community”: Is the kitchen sanitary ware ceiling the best aluminum gusset? Can it be done with plasterboard?

General Manager of Mango Decoration, Kong Xianjun:

From the aspect of aesthetics: Some people think that the gypsum board ceiling is better than the aluminum gusset ceiling, and the integration is better. The aluminum gusset plate is made up of many small plates, which is not as good as the gypsum board in uniformity and flatness. However, the gypsum board is basically white. The aluminum plate has different surface processes, such as roll coating, lacquering, laminating, etc. In addition to the color, various patterns can be made. So if you think that white monotony or aluminum gussets have more choices.

From the price point of view: Everyone thinks that the aluminum plate is more expensive, but it is not necessarily. Integrated ceilings are also very common nowadays. Most of the ordinary aluminum gussets are at the price of 100-200 yuan / square meter, and the waterproof gypsum board must be about 200 yuan / square meter.

There may be problems after installation: there is a gap between the individual aluminum gussets, because the installation is not in place; the aluminum gusset has a lot of gaps, because the aluminum gussets are not matched with the keel, the regular manufacturer's matching keel will be very Compact and precise pitch.

From the perspective of cost performance: aluminum alloy gussets are currently quite cost-effective. If the price is not considered, the integrated ceiling is superior to other materials in construction and post maintenance. Hua Shangbao Li Zhenyong

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