When is peanut ripening, the best time for peanut harvest in 2017

Standards for peanut maturity:

The standard of harvest is that the pattern of the variety of the peel is clear and bright, the seed coat and the peel are separated clearly, the nuts are full and round, the white sponge of the inner peel shrinks, the crack increases, and the inner peel of most varieties of seeds is black. Brown patches. For example, if there are fewer than three fresh leaves per stem, the average daily temperature is lower than 15 °C, and although the peanut full fruit index is not up to standard, the harvest should be arranged immediately.

From the field phase to determine the harvest period, after the peanut enters the harvesting period, the plants, stems and leaves have obvious changes, generally the leaves are yellow and not withered, the plants change from compact to loose, and there is a tendency to fall. For the best harvest period. Once the leaves fall off and the stem becomes black, the best harvesting period has passed, which will cause the peanut fruit to sprout and drop fruit.

Peanut harvest time too early and too late will affect the production of peanuts, when is the best time for peanut harvest in 2017?

Peanuts are harvested prematurely, the pods are thin, the yield and oil content are reduced; the harvest is too late, not only the fruit cone is easy to break, but also brings difficulties to the harvest. Of course, peanut harvest has a lot to do with the weather, and at the same time, it has a certain relationship with the variety of peanuts.

The best time for peanut harvest in 2017:

The best time to harvest peanuts is from the end of August to the beginning of October, when the peanuts and exposed peanuts are harvested.

Peanuts are harvested in the northern hemisphere from July to September each year; in the southern hemisphere, they are harvested from January to March.

Harvesting peanuts in the northern region after September is the most appropriate.

The Jianghuai area is generally sown in April and harvested in 8-9 months.

The harvest of peanuts should be determined according to the appearance criteria of plant growth phase and pod ripening period. From the aspect of plant appearance, the upper leaves turn yellow, the middle and lower leaves turn from green to yellow and gradually fall off, and the stems turn yellow-green; the appearance standard of the ripening period of the pods is: the outer shell of the shell is blue and hardened, and the texture of the veins is deepened and clear. The inside of the shell is shiny black and brown, the kernel is full and full, and the seed coat is bright.

It should be noted that in some places, the harvest period is determined by the number of days of birth. Without specific observation and analysis, it is often not early or late, causing losses.

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