How to decorate the video wall looks good? The film and television wall does not leave regrets for decoration

The living room is the face of the whole home. People in the daily life and the most visited by friends and family are the living room. In addition to the choice of the living room and the aesthetic sofa table in the living room, there are many details that cannot be ignored. When decorating the video wall, a family window, the video wall can be very intuitive to show the fisherman's hobby and taste. So how about decorating the video wall ? Xiaobian will come to see you today!


1, the size has an article

When designing the decoration, the width of the living room must be considered. In general, the best distance between the human eye and the TV is 3.5 times the size of the TV, so don't make the video wall too thick, so as not to make the living room look cramped.

2, according to the TV position to determine the background wall shape

When decorating the design, first position the sofa. Then determine the position of the TV, and finally determine the shape of the wall according to the size of the TV.

3, the TV avoids direct light

When designing the decoration, consider the lighting conditions around the TV. Avoid direct glare on the TV, causing the eyes to feel tired when watching the show. Because the backlight of the TV itself has already played a role, and there will be light when playing the program. In this case, installing lighting equipment on the background wall wastes resources and damages vision.

4, sound-absorbing materials to maintain good sound quality

The construction of the video wall is best decorated with sound-absorbing materials. If the material used is not sound-absorbing, the wooden floor is the most ideal material to complement. If the living room space is decorated with hard floors such as floor tiles and marble, you can put a thick carpet to keep the sound quality of the TV.

5, the TV line is pre-designed

Indoor wiring is an important process before decoration, and more attention should be paid to pre-wiring. If it is a wall-mounted TV, in order to make it look more beautiful. The wall should be left in place, a thick PVC pipe is buried, and all the wires are passed through the pipe to the lower TV cabinet, and the DVD cable, closed route, and audio cable are installed inside. If you don't need wall hanging, you need to design the position of the TV set before the decoration, pre-set the installation hole, and bury the line during the decoration.


How to decorate the video wall?

1, ceramic tiles

Tiles are absolutely no stranger to everyone, personally feel that large units are more suitable, the biggest advantage is good cleaning, and not easy to damage, the biggest disadvantage is not warm enough. Although the decoration master recommended this, but did not adopt this program.

2, wallpaper

Wallpaper is the most common, warm and stylish. The problem is that the wallpaper is easily peeled off. But because it is still relatively convenient to paste, just buy a few more wallpapers to remedy, Xiaobian was very eager to use wallpaper, and finally considered the wall covering wall of scheme 3.

3, wall cloth

How to decorate? The wall covering wall can be said to be an upgraded version of the wallpaper wall. Visually, the wallpaper wall and the wall background wall are identical. In terms of use, the quality of wall coverings is much longer than that of wallpapers, and the age of use is also long.

4, painting

This is a popular TV background decoration method in recent years. Because it is done by hand, this is absolutely unique, highlighting the uniqueness and personality of the host. Compared with buying a home sticker, the owner can choose the pattern he likes and is completely 100% custom-made.

The video wall can be renovated according to the above points, and it can completely create a super beautiful video wall. So how about decorating the TV wall? Seeing it here is over. To find out more, please continue to pay attention to the home of the decoration.

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