Tianjin anti-theft lock on young people have what effect?

Smart locks are the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. The use of human biometric fingerprints for identity security authentication and authentication opens the door, which is characterized by irreplaceable, non-replicable and uniqueness. It adopts high-tech technologies such as digital image processing, biometrics, and DSP algorithms, and is a new generation of access control that meets modern security requirements. system. Widely used in government agencies, banks, apartments and other places that require absolute security and privacy.
Compared to traditional mechanical locks, smart locks are safer and more convenient. Like Hengwei's smart door locks, it can also integrate false passwords, anti-theft alarms, smart homes and other functions, and play multiple protections against theft. For example, when a thief cannot use a fake fingerprint to open a door and want to break into the door, the smart lock can automatically activate the anti-theft alarm function and notify the owner or community security. In addition, it can also be linked with the smart home, when the thief climbs into the window, it touches the smart home device connected with the smart lock, which triggers an alarm.
A new generation of young people pay attention to the realization of self-worth, the pursuit of self-individual unique. For young people, it is necessary to carry a bunch of heavy messy keys to avoid things, and the emergence of smart locks is to their rescue. Without the key drag, they can enjoy gatherings, playing games, and shopping. After a tiring day, they don't have to rush through the keys with a large bag. In addition, young people who like nightlife have smart locks, so they can easily enter the house no matter how late they return, and will not disturb their families. In addition, some intelligent lock management systems can solve the problem of personnel management for the user for the first time. For example, the nanny at home resigns. If her fingerprint is deleted, she can no longer open the door.
The security, convenient features and anti-theft features of smart locks meet the needs of the general public and are increasingly recognized as an effective way to land in the era of smart homes. In the future, smart locks will become a trend and go into the homes of ordinary people.

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