How does the quality of Xijiemei sizing agent look good?

US Gum believes that everyone is not unfamiliar with it, this product is currently a relatively new product, and the use of this product can also make your tiles become brighter and brighter, creating a more comfortable space . The following Xiao Bian will tell you about the quality of Xijiemei sizing agent and how to look at the quality of sizing agent.

How is the quality of Xijiemei sizing agent

1, Xijiemei sizing agent First of all this product is a high-tech enterprise specializing in building materials decoration materials. And it is also a high-tech product. It helps people solve the dirty black seams in the room for many years, but also can help you solve all kinds of yellow problems.

2, and this product is also made of a variety of high-molecular polymers and high-grade pigments refined, this material covers the surface of the tile seam, and the use of this product can form a smooth surface such as porcelain clean, and it is also wear-resistant , high strength, waterproof, oil-proof, non-stick stains, easy to clean, and use this product to wipe a bright, so as to completely solve the problem of dirty black tile seam difficult to clean.

How to see the good or bad

1, US grout to be acid and alkali corrosion: We know that this product is used in the kitchen, toilets and other places, we know that these places often deal with acid and alkaline substances, therefore, the problem of grout is being corrosion These places are particularly prominent, and many types of sealants are almost useless for the problem of acid and alkali corrosion, but the use of US sizing agents can help you solve this problem.

2, to see the United States hiding agent hiding power: dry solid can not be significantly after the contraction, the surface must be plump and smooth Caixing.

3, to see the United States and the hardness of the grout: US grout after curing, high hardness, generally comparable with the tile, but it also has a strong self-cleaning, scrub resistance.

4. Smell smell of sizing agent: The less pungent odor, this can show that this product meets environmental protection requirements.

5, to see the color and gloss of the US grout: the gloss is too high, looks like a thief, it seems unnatural. Low gloss, this product is not conducive to cleaning and highlighting the effect of the US sizing agent.

6. Look at the consistency of the US grout: Consistency is appropriate during the extrusion process. If it is the kind that is not easily wiped off, the construction performance is good.

7, to see the United States and grouting agent waterproof performance: US sew agent This product is made of high molecular polymer, its structure is dense and uniform, the effect of the US grout effect, and this product forms a layer of dense protection on the surface The membrane overcomes the disadvantages of inorganic materials that are prone to water seepage. Therefore, when you scrub the tile, you do not have to worry about the problem of blackening the gap when sewage enters the brick seam. Brick seams will no longer exhibit that kind of dampness, and they will naturally not have mildew. There is no way for various bacteria to produce.

Summary: Regarding how the quality of Xijiemei sizing agent and how to look at the quality of sizing agent are introduced here, in general, Xijiemei sizing agent is a very good brand, and it also has many characteristics. Therefore, it is only deeply loved by people. At the same time, you must learn how to look at the US grout, so that you can pick a good product.

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