SPA baths are not necessarily only in the bathroom

Modern people's pursuit of enjoyment is more and more willing to spend, people's awareness of the level of living standards, so that the grade of living is greatly increased. From the popularity of floor heating and water treatment to the necessity of ovens, steamers, yogurt makers, and coffee machines, our residence is rapidly improving and transforming. Today, even the bathrooms are not willing to be mediocre, and they must boldly come to the stage. You do not believe? Today introduces you to a new concept of a comfortable home - a spa bath.

You can have a spa at home

The traditional bathroom is a private space that is more inclined to use functions. In the new concept of modern design, its two elements have been reinterpreted. It is no longer only emphasis on the use of features, it is a place to relax, enjoy, and create a high quality of life atmosphere. In the new concept, it is no longer private, the boundaries between the bathroom become blurred, it is gradually released, such as the open, transparent sense, these new designs are designed to make the bathroom into a new state to improve the psychophysiological state It is not simply to improve through a certain machine or a certain piece of equipment, but through the integration with the environment, the natural atmosphere, the taste of the ecology and other factors, so that the body fully feel the desire to relax.

People walking in front of modern life have more and more recognized and selected SPA. It is actually a sign that marks the status of being in a free-living state and marks the concept of investing in their own health. It can even be out of the bathroom, placed in the bedroom, balcony, basement, outdoor, it represents a high quality modern life.

Every day of relaxation

Modern people sit at their desks for a long time and are busy with their careers. The body is very urgent to relieve the needs of the bones and bones. SPA bathtubs have a variety of different shapes of the nozzle, according to the body structure and habits, different degrees of fatigue, giving the most suitable and comfortable massage for the main muscle groups. Step into the bathtub and rest your head on a specially designed pillow. The feeling will be great. The spray head will be very powerful and it will give a good massage effect.

Bathtub Free-standing bathtub Jacuzzi

The so-called screen is different from general mesh products. Instead, there is a strict series of mesh sizes. In addition, there are mesh products that meet the industry, agency, and standard classification and screening functions of object particles. The sieve does not say "mesh number", "mesh number" is just a habit for people to describe the screen, which is difficult to overcome for a while. The screen is different from ordinary mesh products in that it has a strict mesh size instead of "mesh number". The size of the screen is not isolated. It consists of a series of mesh sizes for the purpose of hierarchical screening.
The screen is woven with metal wire or fiber wire, and the aperture is 0.15 ~ 1mm. Can remove and recover different types and small suspended matter. Screen separation has the advantages of simplicity, high efficiency, and low operating cost. Generally used for small-scale wastewater treatment. There are many types of screens. The two main types are vibrating screens and hydraulic screens.

Screen Mesh Series

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