How long does it take to decorate a house?

After the delivery of the house, the owners will have to face the problem of the renovation of the house , then the decoration of the house is their own decoration or find a decoration company ? I believe many owners will tangled this issue, the following Xiaobian on this issue, simply for everyone to analyze, hope It helps everyone!

Renovation of the house is their own decoration or find the decoration company

1, from the decoration effect

If it is a simple decoration, decoration company decoration effect and the owner's own decoration is almost the same effect; if you want to decorate more upscale and beautiful, then the best decoration company, because they are more professional, good technology, the effect of decoration is not same.

2, from the decoration quality

Usually, the decoration company has its own professional construction team. The decoration process is very strict and the construction specifications are better. This point will be much better than looking for a decoration team. The decoration company's material requirements are also higher. This makes people more comfortable. .

3, from the input effort

Please decorate the company will be more peace of mind, the general decoration company is half a package, decoration owners only need to be responsible for purchasing the main material, decoration company to provide auxiliary materials. For the decoration quality, decoration problems can be directly and decoration company said that the general decoration company will strictly enforce the contract.

4, from the decoration time

Renovation of the house is their own decoration or find a decoration company ? From the decoration time point of view, looking for a decoration company can save time, and the renovation period is relatively fixed. If you find a decoration team yourself, sometimes you will delay the construction period. This is very troublesome. If you want to rush to stay, the owner is better to find a decoration company.

5, from the sale

Decoration companies have after-sales services, if there are some problems with the quality of decoration, decoration company will have a few years of quality assurance, more rest assured. There is no such service for the decoration pair you are looking for. If there is a decoration problem, it will be more troublesome.

How long does it take to decorate a house

First, the preparation stage

In order to achieve a better decorative effect, everyone needs to be well planned before the renovation. This work takes about 10 days. The specific work is as follows:

1. 10 days before construction: Do a design plan, select a decoration company, put forward the decoration content and requirements, measure relevant data on site, draw detailed drawings, communicate with designers, and finalize the plan.

2. 5 days before construction: Look at the budget contract, determine the materials to be used, make an initial budget for the cost of home improvement, compare the budget of the home improvement company, and sign a decoration contract.

3. 2 days before construction: Prepare before entering the court, contact with the property department, complete the necessary procedures, enter the market with door and window materials and auxiliary materials, hand over the construction keys, and pay the first period of renovation.

Second, in the decoration

After everyone has done a good job in the pre-decoration work, they can prepare to start work. Generally speaking, it takes about 50 days for a 100-flat house to be completely renovated. The specific schedule is as follows:

1. The first step in the renovation is the overall demolition and renovation. This requires the demolition of the structure according to the design plan. The houses of small and medium-sized units generally take 1 to 2 days.

2. The second step of the renovation is the transformation of hydropower. The hydropower reform is slotting, wiring, and acceptance. According to the complexity of the project, it usually takes 5 to 10 days, sometimes even longer.

3, the next step is to carry out the tile project, the tile project includes kitchen and other waterproof, tile paving and other projects, according to the size of the tile paving area, the time required is not the same, usually about 15 days if the water Without acceptance, it may take longer.

4, followed by the woodworking project, about 10 days carpentry project including ceiling, foundation, background wall modeling, furniture production, etc., a long time may take 20 days, short may be due to the use of finished furniture, and no wood production projects, So no need for one day.

5, the best is the paint project, the paint project is mainly the wall, ceiling paint, wallpaper, etc., hesitate to paint the general need to wait for putty, in order to brush the primer and topcoat, and sometimes need to brush several times, so The duration of the project will also take about 10 days.

Third, the construction of the end

After the above are completed, the next step is to complete the installation and finishing work. This phase mainly includes the installation of sanitary ware, the installation of floors, the installation of cabinets, etc. These installations can be performed several times a day because there is no conflict and influence. Therefore, if the product enters the market in a timely manner and it is properly installed, it can usually be done in a few days.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is about the decoration of the house is their own decoration or find the decoration company , the decoration of a house to the content of how long, I hope everyone can help! In short, the decoration of the new house Xiao Bian suggested that everyone should be the best professional decoration company, after all, the renovation of new homes is not a trivial matter, the house decoration is good or bad will have a great impact on the future.

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