The classification of tiles There are several kinds of decoration Novice must know 5 common tile types

As we all know, ceramic tiles are one of the building materials necessary to carry out home renovation work. They are also key materials that every owner cares about. So, there are several types of tile classification ? Next, Xiao Bian will introduce to everyone the common tile types that must be known. Let's take a look.

1, polished tiles

This is arguably the most well-known type of tile in the classification. It should be able to guess its craftsmanship from the name alone. It is the ground decoration material that has been produced by the general bricks for the grinding and polishing process. After these operating steps, the ceramic tile can not only exhibit a smooth and bright appearance, but also be more resistant to abrasion than ordinary tiles, and can also be shaped like imitation wood or imitation stone with a unique technology of seepage. In addition, many types of polished tiles, such as multi-tube cloth and micro powder, have appeared in the home improvement market. They can be widely used in different places such as the lobby, kitchen, and bathroom.

2, glazed tiles

As the name implies, this is a sort of ceramic tile made from the glazed outer layer of the brick. Compared with the previous tile, because of the glaze as the surface layer, so its wear resistance will be slightly weaker, but its pattern is more vivid and diverse, the color is also beautiful and beautiful, but also has a strong anti-fouling performance. If you want to use it right, when buying, it is best to understand its source of raw materials, such as the kitchen, generally recommended, is a porcelain, bright glazed tiles, more convenient to clean, and the bathroom, then You should choose matt, ceramic tile, so you can play a better anti-slip performance.

3, brick

Among the classifications of many tiles, the most unpretentious is the brick that is not on any enamel. Because of their relatively simple colors, they are often used to decorate corridors and aisles and other areas where aesthetic requirements are relatively low. For example, walls are generally not recommended.

4, glass tiles

Since it is vitrification, it can be imagined that the brightness of this brick is basically as smooth and shiny as glass. In addition, it is able to obtain the praise of many owners, its super absorbent ability is also affected One of the factors, at the same time, is one of the main reasons why it can stand out in the classification of today's endless ceramic tiles.

5, ceramic tiles

Also known as a mosaic tile, it is a new type of ceramic tile that has emerged in recent years and is exquisite in appearance and rich in color. Based on its relatively small shape features and uniquely diverse material types, it is often used for ground decoration in small areas.

Xiao Bian concludes: We all know that if you want to create a beautiful and comfortable living space, different places naturally need to match ceramic tiles with different functions. Therefore, I hope that the classified knowledge of the tiles introduced today can help owners of friends have targeted For the purchase of tile products.

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