How much decoration costs need to cause the decoration of the high and low factors

Renovation not only requires the purchase of various materials, but also the construction of each link. The design costs and labor costs are no small expenses. That renovation costs with how much money it? Xiao Bian today to collect some information, then take a look at the contents of the renovation costs introduce it!

How much is the decoration cost?

1. If you are using a 100-square house renovation as an example, the expenses are usually divided into different proportions, most of which follow the “2:4:4” principle. Among them, the proportion of labor and auxiliary materials is roughly 20%, that of main materials and electrical appliances is roughly 40%, and that of furniture and soft products is roughly 40%.

2. Before you understand the decoration costs, you need to have a clear plan for the entire process, such as how much money you plan to spend, and the scope of the quotation budget. In fact, decoration costs and overall home improvement effect and grade have a direct relationship, the market price of 500-700 yuan a square meter can be decorated to a good space. If you only meet the practical, then this price can be, second-hand housing decoration, will increase the amount of 30% -40% of the cost of spending.

3. The decoration of different grades will eventually result in price differences. The price of 60,000-80,000 yuan in the market is generally an ordinary decoration to meet the residential needs. The decoration price of 100,000 yuan is in the mid-range decoration, and more than 150,000 yuan is in the high-end decoration. . At the same time different styles and needs, will result in the level of renovation costs, the above prices from the network, for reference only, please refer to the local decoration company specific quotation.

Renovation cost factors

1. The material fee is the largest proportion of decoration costs, and it is also a major cause of the price of decoration. The higher the cost, the higher the proportion of material costs. There are many brands on the market, and products with different materials all directly affect the price difference. At the same time, the amount of items and construction involved in the renovation will cause different costs.

2. The decoration in the market is generally divided into three ways: all-inclusive, half-package, and clear-package. Different decoration and price are different. All-inclusive is a labor contract package material package; half a package is the main material to buy, decoration company contract package accessories; cleaning package is the owner to purchase the main material and auxiliary materials, decoration company out of labor.

3. Decoration costs not only consist of material fees, but also labor costs and management fees and other expenses. Due to the different economic development in different regions, the local price levels vary, and the natural gap in labor costs is relatively large. Several local ones can be compared. The home improvement company has a preliminary understanding of the labor costs.

About renovation costs, small series being introduced here, I hope for your help. If you want to learn more relevant knowledge, you can pay attention to this site information, more exciting content waiting for you.

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