Bosch impact drill prices, instructions for use and maintenance methods

Impact drill is a tool that works by rotation and impact. Bosch impact drill is an international famous brand. It uses high-speed rotation and impact to make holes. It is compact and easy to use. When we use the Bosch impact drill, we must pay attention to the standard of operation and some precautions in the operation process to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of use. Next Xiaobian will introduce Bosch impact drill prices, instructions and maintenance methods for everyone.


Bosch impact drill prices

Bosch TSB1300 Impact Drill, Rated Output Power:550W ¥298

Bosch GSB13RE Impact Drill, 600W ¥499

Bosch (BOSCH) TSR1080 dual lithium battery wireless pistol drill double battery impact drill

Bosch (BOSCH) TBH2000DRE Dual Light Impact Drill, 600W ¥729

Bosch BOSCH) GBH2-22 Light Impact Drill, 620W ¥869

Bosch Light Impact Drill 800W

GBH2-26E: ¥1099



Bosch GBH3-28 Impact Drill, 800W ¥2399

BOSCH GBH4-32DFR Professional Impact Drill, 900W ¥3269

Note: The above prices come from the network, for reference only

Bosch impact drill instructions

1. Before Bosch impact drills need to check whether the power supply is normal, the power used by Bosch impact drills is a nominal 220V voltage, so it is necessary to confirm whether it is a 220v voltage.

2. Bosch Impact Drill should carefully inspect the machine's insulation safety equipment. For example, if the handle gauge is installed properly, the Bosch impact drill screw must not be loose.

3, Bosch impact drill need to load φ6-25MM alloy steel impact drill, if other needs, should replace the corresponding drill. Avoid drill bit failure to adapt to breakage.

4. Bosch's impact drilled cable conductors need to be managed at all times, because if the lines have a messy cross-over situation, on the one hand it is not easy to operate, and there may also be short-circuit phenomena. Of course, it is also necessary to prohibit the lines from coming into contact with oil and water.

5. When the Bosch impact drill is used, the power socket must be equipped with a switch device, because if there is abnormal situation, the switch can guarantee the accident. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the power cord is broken. If there is leakage, high heat, or different sound, you need to immediately stop the operation, check and repair in time.

6. When replacing drills with Bosch impact drills, it is forbidden to use other tools that are not equipped with impact drills to strike impact drills.

Bosch impact drill maintenance method

1. It is necessary to professionally understand the regular replacement of the original parts of the Bosch impact drill and check whether the spring pressure is normal.

2. It is necessary to ensure that the body of Bosch Impact Drilling does not show an overall phenomenon, and it is necessary to clean the dirt in time in order to ensure the smooth movement of the impact drill.

3, non-professional staff need to consult and understand before the regular inspection of Bosch impact drill hand drill and other parts, damaged should be promptly replaced.

4, Bosch impact drill also need to increase the body screw fasteners, because many times when the impact drill drill screw off phenomenon.

5. After using the Bosch impact drill, timely return the hand drill to the tool library for safekeeping.

Bosch Impact Drill It is the same as other impact drills. It is mainly used for drilling hard floors such as floors and walls. However, the difference between Bosch impact drills is that it adds automatic identification capability to the manufacturing process and when abnormalities occur. The situation will stop work on its own, which will reduce the damage accidents that occur during use. In addition, attention must be paid to the normality, safety, and daily maintenance of Bosch impact drills.

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