Models, specifications, uses and parameters of Zhongke cement mortar grouting machine

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Cement mortar grouting machine is also called cement mortar grouting pump, double cylinder mortar pump. ZKSJ200 cement mortar grouting machine adopts hydraulic drive, with compact structure, stable performance, adjustable working pressure and slurry discharge volume. Mud pump. Cement mortar grouting machine is widely used in tunnel excavation and maintenance, road, bridge, dam, mine construction and high-rise building basic treatment engineering and various grouting construction projects.

Model and specification of ZKSJ200 cement mortar grouting machine:

Model: ZKSJ200
Motor power: 15KW
Working pressure: 0-16MPa
Production capacity: 10M3 / h
Inner diameter of discharge hose: 38mm
Suction hose inner diameter: 64mm
Horizontal conveying distance: 500m
Vertical conveying distance: 80m
Maximum particle diameter: 3mm
Dimensions (L × W × H): 1800 * 1020 * 1600mm
Machine weight: 650kg

Application of ZKSJ200 cement mortar grouting machine:

1. Leakage prevention, construction joints, settlement joints, expansion joints, cracks in the bottom of highway tunnels, railway tunnels, and subway tunnels. Water leakage and plugging construction.
2. Leakage prevention in the basement, underground garage, underground foundation construction engineering, subway engineering, wine pool, swimming pool, civil air defense engineering, sewage treatment pool, basement leakage and other concrete structures.
3. Mine plugging, elevator shaft plugging, wellbore waterproof plugging, roadway plugging, basement, underground garage, cable trench, underground passage, thermal pipeline, foundation pit, culvert, elevator shaft and other various underground projects seepage and leak plugging construction .
4. Reservoir, storage tank, acid-alkali pool, biochemical pool, water tank, wine trough, cable ditch, cable channel, mine channel, elevator shaft, foundation pit engineering construction joint leakage water blocking, basement plugging engineering Water operation construction.
5. Leakage treatment of concrete structure, cooling tower cooling channel circulation channel, pipeline, sewage treatment tank project.
6. Leakage prevention in docks, culverts, sunk wells, pump house, dams, bridge decks, roofs, tunnels, water intake and drainage works, seepage prevention and leakage prevention construction.
7. Reservoir dam body grouting in water conservancy projects, leak prevention and seepage prevention of water conveyance tunnel cracks, dam body concrete crack prevention and leakage prevention construction.

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