Analysis of the application of polyoxymethylene (POM)

POM , or POM for short, is an engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance. It is one of the world's five major engineering plastics (polyamide, polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene, polyester, polyphenylene ether). POM is the only five engineering plastics that can be manufactured based on a variety of raw material routes, from the most source, not too long process, and is manufactured in large quantities. It is a deep processing product of methanol and is an extremely important carbon-based chemical in the coal chemical product chain. Downstream products.
POM application:
1. Machinery industry
POM is widely used in the machinery industry to manufacture gears, rollers, cams, bearings, springs, bolts, nuts, and various pump bodies, housings, impellers, and the like. No leakage, high strength, and earthquake resistance.
2, electronic appliances
Parts used in the manufacture of various power tools, such as electric wrench housings, switch handles, etc., as well as parts in household appliances.
3, car parts
POM is mainly used in the manufacture of radiator cover, fuel tank cover, feed port, exhaust control valve, water valve body, heater fan, air compressor valve, heater control lever, combined switch, washing pump, Door locks, visor brackets, speedometer housings, window adjustment handles, mirror support plates, wiper pivot bearings, wiper gears, etc.
4. Construction field
Used to manufacture window frames, wash basins, water tanks, door and window pulleys, etc.

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