Hidden Projects Exposed - Two-layer Insulation of Power Connector

Case: Last year, Mr. Huang purchased a house in a famous real estate in Beijing's South Second Ring Road. It wasn't long before he discovered cracks in the commercial housing wall. He asked the developer to repair the crack. As a result, he discovered that there was no power line outside the PVC pipe and was directly buried in the reinforced concrete. The line was detected as a live wire. "Power Tiger" appeared, so Mr. Huang sucked cool. The power cord is buried directly in the wall, which means that there is a bomb lying in the house. There is a possibility of leakage and danger at any time. Even more frightening is the discovery of the “electric tiger” in the cracked walls. How many “electric tigers” are hidden in the walls without cracking?

According to experts, the power distribution project is the most important one in the renovation and concealment project. It directly affects the safety of the owner when he is staying. If there is a slight mistake, a short circuit will occur, which will result in fire and directly threaten the personal safety of the owner. .

During the construction process, the direction of the circuit in the house must be clearly separated according to the drawings, and the installation position of the cassette should be determined on the wall surface, and the preparation of the slot should be completed. In the case of opening the trunking, the depth is generally required to be twice that of the used wire tube. The wire trough must be horizontal and vertical, and the height of the cassette should be the same. When the wire is inserted into the wire tube, it is prohibited to have the wire tube between the two cassettes. Connectors, TVs, and telephone lines must not have connectors in the cable during the cabling process, and the two cables must not be worn together with other cables. At the same time, the telephone line and the TV antenna should be worn separately, and the two adjacent lines must be The distance should not be less than 50cm. After the line is worn, it must be ensured that the wire can be pulled freely in the line tube.

Secondly, double insulation is required for the power cable connectors after the cable is worn, using insulating tape and waterproof tape. For the power line on the ceiling must be threaded through the pipe, and the wooden keel ceiling should be fire prevention, pest control and other treatment, in order to avoid trouble in the future.

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