AO Smith won four awards in the 13th China Home Appliance Innovation Achievement Award!

AO Smith

The "Thirteenth China Household Appliance Innovation Achievements Promotion" event hosted by the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute was recently held at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Finally, after consumer votes and expert reviews, AO Smith not only continued to win the "Product Innovation of the Year" award and the "Most Innovative Home Appliance Brand of the Year" award, but also won two annual technological innovation achievement awards, becoming the biggest winner of the exhibition .

The German IFA exhibition is one of the largest consumer electronic product exhibitions in the world and the largest number of exhibitors. It is a grand event for the world's major brands to display the latest products, and has become a vane representing the development of the consumer electronics industry.

"Thirteenth China Household Appliances Innovation Achievements Promotion" sponsored by the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, supported by the IFA Berlin International Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Exhibition German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and co-organized by Beijing Zhongyi Kang Times Market Research Co., Ltd. The event was held for the ninth consecutive time at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, Germany. The event brought the most influential and competitive innovations of Chinese home appliances to the international stage, let the world know and recognize the innovation strength of Chinese home appliance companies from a close distance, and helped Chinese home appliances become bigger and stronger in the international market.

Four supreme honors to consolidate industry leadership

At this year's promotion meeting, AO Smith, as always, won many top awards. Relying on industry-leading innovative technologies, AO Smith exhibited high-wind / Efron panel-type carbon monoxide poisoning gas water heaters, which won the "Product Innovation of the Year" award issued by the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute. Won this award 9 times.

Not only that, AO Smith reverse osmosis water purifier and AO Smith's air purifier designed for heavy pollution have won the "Annual Technical Innovation" award. At the same time, as the 143-year-old AO Smith, he once again won the title of "Most Innovative Home Appliance Brand of the Year". The four highest honors obtained are the best proof of AO Smith's top innovative R & D capabilities.

"We must solve the problems facing the entire industry." Ding Wei, senior vice president of AO Smith Group of America and president of AO Smith (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said in an interview that AO Smith takes responsibility for solving industry problems. "Either don't do it, you must be the industry's first." This is AO Smith's courage and his dedication as an industry leader.

The brand value rises against the market and achieves a successful model for foreign companies

At this promotion meeting, one of the heaviest and most competitive awards was the competition for the most innovative brand of the year. AO Smith was successfully selected without controversy, which not only represents the affirmation of the industry, but also shows the brand value.

In the home appliance industry in the Chinese market, foreign brands have experienced ups and downs. Although most of them have technology and brand advantages, with the continuous changes in the Chinese market, many brands have difficulty in providing products and services in a more down-to-earth manner. In the competition with domestic brands that are more familiar with the Chinese market, they gradually lose their advantages, and some even Has withdrawn from the Chinese market.

But AO Smith is definitely an exception. In the past 20 years since entering China, AO Smith has insisted on innovation-based, in-depth insight into the needs of Chinese consumers, to find and solve user pain points, overcome industry problems and find the best solution to provide users with trusted products.

The market is the fairest and fairest verifier. According to data from the authoritative market monitoring agency Zhongyi Kang, AO Smith currently has a market share of 27.46% in the entire water heater market, ranking first in the industry; the market share of water purifier sales has reached 29.1%, also ranking first in the industry. AO Smith has also become the most stable foreign-owned brand in the Chinese market in the past 20 years, and the only one that keeps increasing its share.

Especially in the past five years, China's economy has been operating at a low level, e-commerce has developed rapidly, and the original retail model of the Chinese home appliance market has been greatly affected. In this case, AO Smith's leading advantage is more prominent, the brand value continues to increase, from single category leadership to multi-category leadership, omni-channel seamless links go hand in hand, customer profitability continues to improve, the entire team is vibrant, etc. The industry's leading position is unshakable, and is envied and respected by peers.

Three award-winning products, leading the industry's top technology

AO Smith's three award-winning products and technologies have become representatives of the industry's top technologies.

The AO Smith high wind resistance / Efron panel-type carbon monoxide poisoning gas water heater that won the annual product innovation award has a unique appearance and a stylish pearl snowflake white panel. It is equipped with the latest Efron easy-cleaning panel developed by AO Smith. It adopts the triple spraying process of Efron coating, pearlescent coating and bottom paint coating to make the surface of the panel as smooth as a mirror surface and not easy to adhere to oil stains.


The AO Smith reverse osmosis water purifier MAX3.0 Plus patented long-term technology that won the annual technical innovation award. On the basis of AO Smith ’s original patented MAX3.0 technology, an innovative waterway structure design and a patented scale inhibitor are added Effectively reduce the crystallization tendency of calcium and magnesium ions, prevent calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate residue on the reverse osmosis membrane, and increase the purified water output rate to 75% in one fell swoop, and still maintain the life of the reverse osmosis membrane for up to 3 years.


AO Smith's PM2.5 real-time digital monitoring technology for air cleaners designed for heavy pollution uses a complementary method of laser sensors and infrared sensors to ensure the accuracy and durability of PM2.5 monitoring. The main filter element adopts the American commercial standard MERV17 grade high-efficiency HEPA filter element, and is equipped with a high-suction double-wind turbine fan to quickly filter heavily polluted air.

143 years of brand history, innovative research and development, trustworthy

With a brilliant history of 143 years, AO Smith has always focused on R & D and creating quality products, which has achieved its status as a century-old master of the industry. In the 20 years since entering China, AO Smith has insisted on localization of R & D and achieved success, becoming a model for foreign companies to succeed in China.

Ding Wei, senior vice president of AO Smith Group of America and president of (China) Investment Company, said that breaking through industry problems and continuously improving user experience is AO Smith ’s “original intention” to stick to the manufacturing industry for many years. Of Chinese consumers develop more health products to improve the quality of life of Chinese consumers.

At present, AO Smith has covered eight categories of electric water heaters, gas water heaters, water purifiers, air purifiers, air source heat pump water heaters, gas heating / hot water dual-use stoves, beauty water softeners, hot water mattresses, etc. The recognized industry leader in the mid- to high-end market fully demonstrates the strength of AO Smith in the Chinese market.

The above content is provided by AO Smith , the buyer will choose AO Smith !

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