Major breakthroughs in vegetable drug residue research

The Ministry of Science and Technology of Fujian Province, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Fuzhou University, Fujian Province, hosted the “Fast and Low-cost Detection Instruments and Methods for the Residues of Pesticides, Nitrate, Nitrite and Heavy Metals in Vegetables”. Technical identification of the organization. The appraisal experts believe that the overall technology of the project has reached the domestic leading level, among which the lead injection rapid separation technology has reached the international advanced level, and one national invention patent for pesticide harmful substances detection technology in vegetables has been obtained, and the application of “Nitrate and nitrite detection in vegetables” 6 national patents such as test paper and porous plastic optical fiber sensor probe.

Through research and research, the research team has made FITT2001 pesticide residue rapid detection instrument, which has been well promoted and applied in 21 provinces and cities nationwide; developed organic phosphorus pesticide residue double light path field detector, FDFY-I type nitrous acid Salt rapid measuring instrument; pioneered the development of FDFY-II type nitrate rapid detector and lead injection type fast separator; developed a series of rapid test papers/cards such as pesticide, nitrate, nitrite and lead; successfully developed nitrate Rapid pretreatment of nitrite, lead, etc. and FITT2001 pesticide residue rapid detector and computer networking technology.

The application of this achievement makes it possible to strengthen the monitoring and management of pesticide residues, nitrates, nitrites and heavy metal pollution before the listing of vegetables while vigorously promoting the scale of vegetable planting bases.
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