Yu Diamond intends to increase 10 to 10 yuan 2 yuan

On the evening of the 25th, CSI Diamond (300064) announced its 2010 annual report. The company achieved operating income of 255,577,536.42 yuan, an increase of 39.25% over the same period of last year; operating profit of 85,862,382.80 yuan, an increase of 45.89% over the same period of last year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies The net profit was RMB 75,984,826.40, an increase of 44.84% over the same period last year. Based on the total share capital of 152 million shares on December 31, 2010, the company distributed a cash dividend of 2 yuan (including tax) to every 10 shares of all shareholders, and distributed a total of 30,400,000 yuan. The remaining undistributed profits were carried over to the next year; The public reserve will increase 10 shares for every 10 shares of shareholders, with a total increase of 152 million shares. After the bill was reviewed and approved by the board of directors, it still needs to be submitted to the company's 2010 annual general meeting for consideration.  

Ion-exchange resins are widely used in different separation, purification, and decontamination processes. The most common examples are water softening and water purification. In many cases ion-exchange resins were introduced in such processes as a more flexible alternative to the use of natural or artificial zeolites. Also, ion exchange resins are highly effective in the biodiesel filtration process.                                                           SY-007 is a sort o fcation exchange resin that has sulfonic group(-SO3H) in the styrene-diethylene benzene copolymer with 7% cross-linked degree.It is used mainly to soft hard water and produce pure  water,as well as used in the hydro-metallurgy and sugar producing and medicine and nosodium glutamate industry, it can be used as catalyzer and dehydrating agent.                                                                                           SY-206 is a sort of Anion Exchange Resin that has quaternary ammonium group[-N(CH3)3OH]in the styrene-diethylene benzene copolymer with 7% cross linking degree.It is used mainly to produce pure water and treat waste water and extract tungsten and molybdenum in biochemical product and hydro-metallurgy.                                                                                                                                                       SY-D301 is a sort of anion exchange resin thathas tertiary amine group[-N(CH3)2] in the styrene-diethylene benzene copolymer with macroporous structure.Itis used mainly to produce pure water and ultra pure water,especially suitable for the treatment of the water resource with highcontent salt and organic substance,as well as treat waste water which contains chrome and decolorize sugar solution and so on.

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