Early spring planting management measures for spring maize

Land preparation. For plots that have been deep and loose in autumn, they should be smashed and suppressed in the spring. For plots that fail to be timely and timely, the ridges should be topped when the spring is frozen at 14 cm. For areas with severe drought and windy, repression should be carried out again before sowing to facilitate emergence.

Seed selection. The first is the variety selection. It should be selected through the Heilongjiang Province or the national approval (including Heilongjiang Province) varieties, try to select the varieties that have been stable, resistant to disease, and good in density in recent years, and the number of new varieties in the first year. Not too much. Varieties that have been approved for promotion through Heilongjiang Province or the state should be selected. Followed by the quality of the seed, such as the single-seeding technology, the seed germination rate should be higher than 95%. Next, seed treatment was carried out, and a germination test was carried out 15 days before sowing, and the seeding amount was determined according to the seed germination rate.

Fertilize. The base fertilizer can be applied with organic fertilizer 30 tons/ha; the fertilizer is mainly based on phosphate fertilizer, applying 75 kg of diammonium phosphate and 30 kg of potassium sulfate per hectare, and adding 20-30 kg of urea; it should be 7-8 leaf small bell mouth During the period of topdressing, the application of urea per hectare is 200-300 kg, and the application of urea is applied to the side of the plant 9 to 10 cm and the depth of 5 to 10 cm.

sowing. Sowing time is usually sown from late April to early May. The seeding rate and planting density are 25-30 kg per hectare. The central and western parts of Heilongjiang Province should be planted according to the soil moisture and sown by water sowing. The live broadcast plots should be repressed in time after sowing, and the hydration planting plots should be suppressed in time on the second day after sowing.

Early field management. The herbicide should be sprayed in time according to the soil moisture before emergence. Check the germination in time before emergence. After the emergence of the seedlings, it is necessary to carry out the shovel and let the cold warm. Conditions that are conditionally deep and loose, and the plants are deep and loose after jointing. Wait until 3 to 4 leaves when the seedlings.

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