Four precautions for selecting pesticides for vegetables

Vegetables are used for human consumption as fresh products such as leaves, stems, flower balls, fruits, etc. These fresh tissues are also vulnerable to pests and diseases. Sometimes, pesticides are controlled at the harvesting stage, and “insects are seized”, so the safety of medication is especially important. In addition to controlling pests and diseases, and ensuring the safety of people eating vegetables, in addition to improving pest control techniques, the selection of pesticides is very important.

First, the selection effect is good, and there are no biological pesticides, biochemical preparations, viral preparations, agricultural antibiotics, etc. which are not toxic or extremely toxic to humans, animals and natural enemies.

Second, use plant insecticides . For example, an insecticidal preparation extracted from plants such as tartary buckwheat, tea tree, and nicotine. Such as oxymatrine, nicotine emulsifiable concentrate.

Third, use insect growth regulators . Such as card death grams, inhibition Taibao, rice full, young urea, etc., such regulators pesticides, insecticidal mechanism is to inhibit or promote the growth and development of insects, so that it accelerates peeling or can not peel, in order to achieve control effects.

Fourth, use high-efficiency, low-toxic, low-residue pesticides. Such as Rui Jin special, depletion, Kang Fuduo, good winter, insect killer, Miller, pyrethroids and so on.

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