Development of ecological building materials

With regard to the development of ecological building materials and the improvement of environmental coordination, the scholar Professor San Benliangyi summarized four types of innovative methods and their respective evaluations of the contribution of environmental coordination, namely product improvement, redesign, functional innovation and system. Innovation. System innovation has the greatest improvement on environmental coordination, and it takes the longest time. It is not difficult to understand. The system innovation is also the most difficult, and the product improvement is relatively simple, and the improvement of environmental coordination is relatively small. It should be pointed out here that for a certain material, the development of ecological or environmental coordination does not necessarily follow these four sequences.

Regarding the development strategy of ecological building materials, there is not always a coordinated development between the environmental coordination and the use performance. The development of ecological building materials cannot be at the expense of excessive sacrifice of performance. However, the performance requirements of ecological building materials do not necessarily have to be high performance, but rather the superior performance or the best performance performance that meets the requirements of use. Low-performance building materials are bound to affect durability and use functions. Sacrificing performance in the production process for energy-saving and profit-making does not necessarily improve the environmental coordination of materials.

In the focus of the development of ecological building materials, many researchers at home and abroad pay attention to new building materials designed and manufactured according to the theory of environmental protection and ecological balance, such as non-toxic decorative materials, green coatings, building materials produced from domestic and industrial waste, and good for health. And bactericidal and antibacterial building materials, low temperature or burn-free cement, earth ceramics, etc. The author believes that from a macro perspective, China's development of ecological building materials, the focus of the current stage should be to introduce resources and environmental awareness, the use of high-tech to carry out environmental coordination of the dominant traditional building materials, as soon as possible to improve the building materials industry to resources and energy Waste and strict pollution of the environment, in fact, improving the environmental coordination performance of traditional building materials is not to exclude the development of new ecological building materials, but one of the important content and methods for the development of ecological building materials.

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