Six principles to help you buy low-carbon energy-saving lamps

One: the principle of convenience

Installation or replacement convenience is one of the principles of choosing a luminaire. I don't think you would like to go through the table, step on the chair, stand at 90 degrees, raise your arms and go over the head to the height of 2.5 meters or even higher to change the bulb. So, choose When lighting, it is best to choose a convenient replacement lamp.

Second: the principle of coordination

The luminaire is the finishing touch of the home decoration. It is the use of lamps to match the overall home improvement environment, not the opposite. Therefore, too complicated or complicated colors or unique styles will not add a finishing touch to the whole home decoration, but it may add to the snake.

Three: energy saving principles

Low-carbon energy-saving is the theme of modern home improvement. Selecting lamps with good illumination and energy-saving can not only benefit small families, but also contribute to the global environment. Therefore, choosing energy-saving lamps is a positive trend of new home lamps.

Four: Security Principles

This is the principle that everyone can't ignore. It is very important to choose the lamps produced by regular manufacturers. For the functional space such as bathroom or kitchen, it is more necessary to choose waterproof lamps that are easy to wipe with moisture and moisture.

Five: Functional principle

Now only one lighting function can no longer meet people's needs, and intelligence is also reflected in various home lights. Sound control, call control, radiation far-infrared red light with protection of vision, and other new home lights are also needed. It is worthwhile to consider the choice of lamps that make life more comfortable and stylish according to your own needs.

Six: decorative principles

In the lighting store, we can easily see that all kinds of home lights are full of styles, no matter the popular crystal lamps or leather lamps, wrought iron lamps, solid wood lamps and various shaped lamps, the variety of materials and ever-changing style can create different homes. Atmosphere. Choosing a decorative home light will make your living room more flavorful and look more sensational.

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