Chengdu Qianmu Introduces New Products for Reaming Shafts and Double-edged Files

Chengdu Qianmu has a wide range of product specifications. Through independent research and development, more than 30 patents have been obtained, especially in the field of CNC lathes, boring tools, boring and milling tools and other fields.

Thousands of companies around the "proficient, better than cutting, heavier than milling" product development guidance strategy, under the "product-oriented" concept, launched a series of close to the market, cost-effective, highly competitive products .

The reaming shaft is the key tool for machining the crankshaft hole of the engine body. The core technology of the reaming shaft is: nine uniformly-distributed honing blocks of the reaming shaft have the function of feeding and retracting, and the precision of the micro-feed (f=0.005mm) ensures the main body of the engine. The crankshaft hole machining achieves H6 ~ H7 accuracy; the front and rear of the reaming shaft are equipped with a hard alloy positioning guide rigid support, to ensure that the coaxial shaft of the crankshaft processing accuracy of 0.010mm.

This hole machining tool applied to automobile engines has reached the efficiency of foreign advanced similar products 70% to 80%, and the price is only 1/3 of foreign, filling the gap of domestic tools.

In 2012, the self-designed and manufactured HB double-edge boring tool from Qianmu uses semi-wrapping structure to achieve better rigidity than ordinary boring tools, which can meet more than 2/3 cutting edges and large eccentric holes and other harsh conditions. Stable processing under working conditions; tooth pattern after grinding, so that the tool holder has better interchangeability; using high-precision thread to adjust the size, to meet the coarse adjustment size resolution 1mm, fine-tuning resolution 0.05mm precision adjustment, at the same time It can make the size adjustment more convenient and reliable; the internal cooling system can make the boring tool get sufficient cooling during deep processing; the overall chrome-nickel chrome treatment also increases the wear resistance, rust prevention and aesthetics of the boring tool surface.

Over the years, Chengdu Qianmu CNC Tool Co., Ltd. has been committed to participate in various types of CNC skills competition, sponsored a total of 2 municipal competitions, 6 provincial competitions, 7 national competitions, including vocational schools in the National Vocational Skills Competition. Group of NC technology skills competition, the National NC skills competition, the National Vocational Skills Competition for employees. With the development of the NC skills competition, Chengdu Qianmu uses its ever-increasing numerical control tool products and metal cutting application technology skills to support and participate in the holding of the contest, and to make every effort for the national numerical skills training.

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