What are the causes of water seepage around aluminum alloy or plastic steel windows?

[China Aluminum Network] Many consumers complain that aluminum or plastic windows are always seepage around, what is the reason? It is summarized as follows:

1. There is no flexible material packing and sealing between aluminum alloy or plastic steel doors, window frames and reserved holes. Due to temperature deformation, the joints must crack and cause water seepage.

2. The quality of the glass glue caulking is not high, or the glass glue is aged, and the rubber edge rises from the shell. The rain drips into the gap along the edge of the glue and does not achieve the effect of waterproof penetration.

3. Some engineering fixed window glass installations are only fixed with aluminum alloy strips, but are not sealed with glass glue and waterproofed.

4. Some aluminum alloy or plastic steel windows do not have waterproof design by themselves. The inner edge plate of the bottom frame of the sliding window is not higher than the outer edge. Under the action of the wind, water crosses the rail tops and flows across the inner edge plate into the room.

5. Because the civil engineering department and the installation department do not cooperate with each other in the lack of management of the finished product protection, the window frame is often deformed to cause leakage; in some projects, a thin aluminum alloy window frame material is used, the rigidity is not enough, and the window frame is easily deformed. The formation of leakage;

6. Some aluminum alloy or plastic steel windows have the bottom of the bottom frame that is basically flush with the sill line. The rainwater on the glass window is all collected in the lower part of the window frame and immersed into the room through the intersection of the window sill and the bottom frame of the window.

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