Several factors to consider when choosing a dust collector

The precipitator size type is determined by the amount of process gas. Since the precipitator is actually operated, it is sometimes impossible to predict due to manipulation and environmental conditions. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, when the capacity is set, there must be a certain margin or some space for adding equipment may be reserved. If it is atmospheric, it is necessary to select a dust collector that can handle atmospheric air; selecting a small air volume must meet the environmental requirements for the control of the dust source and the dust emission. When using atmospheric dust collectors, some people say that it is not possible to use multiple small dust collectors in parallel. In fact, such use is often the least economical.
When choosing a bag filter, the dispersion of dust has a great influence on the performance of the filter. When the dispersion of the dust is the same, the operating conditions will vary. When selecting the type of dust collector, firstly, the degree of dispersion of the dust should be properly grasped, and the selection should be made based on the degree of dispersion. For example, electrostatic precipitators can be selected when the particle size is mostly several microns or less, and cyclone dust collectors can be selected when the particle size is more than 10 μm. In addition to the need to consider the degree of dispersion, but also consider the dust collector type and performance table, and then make an initial selection. The smaller the general dust collector's bulk density is, the more difficult it is to separate and collect the dust, and the more serious the second flight of dust is. Therefore, special measures need to be taken in the handling and equipment structure.
Generally, the greater the dust concentration at the entrance of the cyclone dust collector, the higher the dust removal efficiency, but it also increases the dust concentration at the outlet. Therefore, it is not correct to select the dust removal efficiency alone. Wet dust collectors generally have an initial dust concentration of 10 g/m or less. The lower the dust concentration of the bag filter, the better the median performance. At higher initial concentrations, continuous ash, pressure loss, and discharge concentrations are required. Can also meet the environmental protection requirements.
The specific dust resistance of an electrostatic precipitator varies with the temperature and humidity of the dust-laden gas. Generally, the specific resistance of the electrostatic precipitator should be in the range of 104-10 nΩ·cm. For the same kind of dust, when the temperature is between 100-200°C, the specific resistance value is the largest; if the dust-containing gas is conditioned with sulfur, the specific resistance will decrease, so when selecting the electrostatic precipitator, we must also grasp the dust. Specific resistance, fully consider the choice of dust gas temperature and the adjustment of dust gas properties.
When the particle size of the dust is smaller, the surface area is larger, the more water content is, the greater the adhesion is. If a cyclone dust collector is used, the dust adheres to the wall surface due to the centrifugal force, and it is easy to cause a jam. However, if a bag filter is used, the adhered dust will easily filter out the dust and no clogging will occur.
Most of the wet dust collectors use water to remove harmful gases and collect extremely fine dusts such as carbon black and lead powder. Therefore, if the dust source equipment is relatively small, the dust collector can be selected but used. When taking into account the treatment of sewage, prevent secondary pollution. When a wet scrubber is used to treat flue gas containing carbon monoxide, air can be introduced into the high temperature part of the flue gas duct at the outlet of the furnace and carbon monoxide can be changed to carbon dioxide to prevent explosion. (

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