"Price comparison" will become a new fashion for home consumption

The well-known store Red Star Macalline will take the lead in launching the “price comparison” action in the home industry. During the “Eleventh” Golden Week from September 30th to October 7th, Shanghai Red Star Macalline will launch no less than 300 items. A comprehensive pk network price, consumers can choose to "price comparison" on an online, if the price is higher than "one Amoy net", to buy products at a price. This move combines online price comparison with offline purchase for the first time, creating a new model of home consumption. According to industry insiders, in today's people paying more and more attention to price transparency, “price comparison” will become a new fashion for home consumption, and more and more people will apply it to shopping practice. “Compare with three products, choose more The low deal will also break the price game that is frequently emerging in the home industry.

"Price comparison" sales first home industry

Speaking of the word "price comparison", consumers who love online shopping must be familiar. As more and more e-commerce websites emerge, the comparison network has become a powerful helper for consumers online shopping. Through the comparison network, consumers can see at a glance which website has the same price under the same conditions, and thus choose the one with higher cost performance. However, online shopping can also use the comparison network, it is still a new thing, for the home industry, it is the first. From September 30th to October 7th, consumers will enjoy the new experience of “online price and offline shopping” in the three shopping malls of Hongxing Meikailong Shanghai Zhenbei, Wenshui and Pudong Hunan.

From September 30th to October 7th, Shanghai Red Star Macalline will launch no less than 300 products in the three shopping malls of Zhenbei, Wenshui and Pudong in Shanghai, and sell at low prices after online comparison. During the event, Red Star Macalline will set up a “price comparison platform” in each mall. Consumers can search for the name and model of the selected product through the computer on the comparison platform to search for the name and model of the selected product. Under the terms of the price, the same model, the same trading conditions, Shanghai Red Star Meikailong

It is reported that the 300 products that participated in the "price comparison" sales were carefully selected by Shanghai Red Star Macalline. They are all well-known in the industry and have a high reputation in the industry. The category covers all the products needed for decoration. There are no less than 100 products in the mall.

"We set up a price comparison platform in Shanghai Red Star three shopping malls, and launched 300 specials in one online comparison. The price is based on the time of purchase. The purchase price is definitely fun." Wang Wei, vice president of Red Star Meikailong Group Said.

"Price comparison" promotes price transparency

In the home furnishing industry where discounts and promotions have become the norm in the market, the price issue has always been “cloud cover”. Even if some stores in the industry have implemented “clear price”, this “real price” is given by the store. Really "real", there is no third party to prove that some companies only mark a "real price", and they are still discounted. Shanghai Red Star Meikailong launched the “price comparison” action, the price is not determined by the store, the merchant, but the explicit price of all open terminal channels will help consumers realize the dream of enjoying transparent prices.

It is understood that the price platform chosen by Shanghai Red Star Macalline is the price comparison website launched by Taobao.com - Yitao.com.cn is mainly to help users to make purchasing decisions and find cheaper and cheaper products. "As we all know, in many e-commerce websites, Taobao has rich products and low prices. Therefore, the price compared with '一淘网' should be the low price of the whole network." Wang Weiru explained the price action. "Amoy.com" is the reason for the price comparison platform. "We just want to ensure that the price is a real low price, otherwise the price will be meaningless."

“Because of the savings in physical costs such as rent, the price of Taobao online products is generally much lower than the price in the physical store, which is closer to the 'real price' of the goods.” Industry experts said that Shanghai Red Star Meikailong’s “price comparison” "The activity will make the virtual price of some products in the market "out of the original shape" and promote the transparency of market prices.

"Price comparison" leads to new fashion consumption

"If you can buy furniture at Red Star Macalline at a price, then I definitely prefer this method of purchase." For the "price action" of Shanghai Red Star Macalline, Ms. Wang said that she is very interested.

In the survey, the reporter found that consumers used to buy “home price products” in the past, but they only had to compare between physical stores. If they spend too much time, they still can’t escape the price “catty”. Although the price of online home products is cheap, but can not see the real thing before buying, but also make consumers feel very unreliable, after all, not a few yuan, tens of dollars of small things. Shanghai Red Star Meikailong's price action can not only pass the online price to squeeze the "virtual price" moisture, but also provide goods on the spot for consumers to experience its true quality. It is the best of both worlds. Consumers are very much looking forward to it. “The same product pays a cheaper price, why not?”

Industry experts said that with the promotion of Red Star Macalline's price action, consumers will enjoy the fun of the experience and the benefits brought by the price comparison. Before the purchase, “price comparison” and choosing a lower price will become a mainstream. Mode, set off a new fashion for home consumption.

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