Solid wood flooring can be refurbished at home

After three or five years of solid wood flooring, it will look old. Some consumers will choose to renovate the old floor considering the economy and livability. Refurbished wooden floors have reduced the amount of money, while the old floors are woody and less prone to cracking. Most importantly, solid wood flooring can be directly refurbished at home without significantly affecting the consumer's daily life.

Solid wood flooring can be refurbished on site

If the solid wood floor used for many years appears to be raised, slitted, painted, deformed, etc., it can be refurbished. It is recommended to use a solid wood floor for 5 years to make a renovation.

According to Hong Jinshan, deputy director of the Dazhongsi store, the decoration of the solid wood floor can be carried out at home, and the price is about 40 yuan / square meter.

Renovation of solid wood flooring is only to remove the surface of the floor by 1-2 mm. Firstly, sanding with different thickness of sandpaper is used to polish the surface of the floor, and the surface is fine and smooth. After the polishing, put the putty, keep the original color of the floor and ensure that the surface of the floor is not scratched. Then brush the primer. After the primer is dry, brush the topcoat. After drying again, carefully grind it with water sandpaper. Grind the floor surface to a rough feel, remove the dust and brush the second coat. So repeat the paint 6 times and then dry the floor wax.

Valuable wood recommended to return to the factory for renovation

The factory renovation was carried out by removing the floor and transporting it back to the factory for renovation. Floor refurbishment must use environmentally friendly water-based paint to avoid odor in the room. The paint must be a special paint to achieve the required abrasion resistance. In addition, for shallow scratches and scratches on the floor, after the floor surface is completely cleaned, the polish is applied with a special mop for repair. The situation where the floor is tidal may be difficult to solve by refurbishment.

The wood flooring after the renovation of the factory is more standard, so the price will be more expensive, plus 20-30 yuan per square meter of disassembly and assembly costs, the renovation price is about 80-100 yuan / square meter. Qiao Shi, manager of Beijing Qiaoweiweiyi Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., said that if you choose to return to the factory for renovation, consumers can see the value of the wood. If it is only pine, fir, ash, etc., it can be refurbished at home; if it is teak Valuable wood such as red sandalwood, it is recommended to return to the factory for renovation.

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Non-solid wood flooring is not recommended for renovation

Non-solid wood flooring is generally not recommended for refurbishment, because the inner layer of non-solid wood flooring is a material such as compression plate or particle board. If the surface is polished according to the method of refurbishing the solid wood floor, it is easy to grind the wood slag hidden inside.

At present, there is a kind of floor surface treatment material, which can directly refurbish the surface of non-solid wood floor. The price is about 15-20 yuan/square meter, and the renovation time is 1-2 days. The refurbished floor can guarantee that it will not appear within one year. problem.

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Do not dismantle the ceiling itself

Reader Mr. Wang: The feeling of cleaning the ceiling will be loose, so that it is not strong, how should it be cleaned?

Cui Tao (currently the manager of the decoration engineering department): Now the integrated ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom is aluminum buckle board, which has the advantage of being resistant to dirt, but if it is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the luster and beauty of the product.

The ceiling is composed of standardized modules, which can be combined freely and freely moved. When there is a problem with the hydropower on the ceiling, several modules can be taken for repair, so most people think that it is not a problem to install it after cleaning it. As everyone knows, this may cause the seams to be tight when reinstalling, so it is recommended not to remove them yourself.

First spray a small amount of detergent on the surface, then scrub with a soft, water-absorbent cloth, and use the force point in the middle of the ceiling. The force on the four sides should be light, so as not to affect the flatness of the integrated ceiling. It is important to note that do not use hard cloth and steel ball to clean, so as not to leave a lot of small scratches on the bright panel, damage the gusset.

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