Longevity flower breeding method

Longevity flower breeding method :

Longevity flower cutting propagation : the best effect is carried out in May to June or September to October. Select a slightly mature fleshy stem, cut 5-6 cm long, insert it into the sand bed, cover it with water after watering, room temperature at 15-20 °C, rooting 15-18 days after insertion, potting for 30 days. Commonly used 10 cm pots. If there are not many seedlings, the leaves can be cut. Cut the robust and full leaves from the petiole. After the incision is slightly dry, insert it obliquely or lay it on the sand bed to maintain the humidity. For about 10 to 15 days, roots can be rooted from the base of the blade and new plants can be grown.

Longevity flower cutting method: Longevity flower blooms in the winter to the second year of spring, so it is better to breed longevity flowers in summer or autumn. Because longevity flowers are derived from the warm and sunny climate of Africa, cutting propagation in summer and autumn can ensure the rooting and survival of long-lived flower seedlings at the temperature, and it is generally necessary to ensure sufficient daily light during the growth period of the seedlings.

Then choose a strong and healthy branch of longevity flower as a new mother, and then cultivate it in the sandy soil. The longevity flower is not very strict on the soil. It is suitable for growing in sandy loam and should be used in cutting propagation. The soil is loosened to increase the soil fertility and drained properly, which is more suitable for rooting and germination growth of a new plant.

When a new plant that has been inserted is placed in sandy loam, the amount of growth required for longevity flowers is guaranteed in terms of moisture and fertilizer. The hometown of Changshouhua is in Africa, so it is a plant that does not require much water. It is relatively drought-tolerant, so don't pour too much water during the growth of longevity flowers, so as not to accumulate in the roots and rotten roots. However, the fertilizer method, in the early stage of longevity flower, still needs to increase the top dressing, which can ensure enough nutrients during the growth period, and supply more flowers when the flowering period is born.

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