How to avoid the corn growing season

     Disaster relief. Corn is affected by locusts during germination and emergence, which is likely to cause soil compaction, lower ground temperature, poor ventilation, affecting seed germination and emergence, etc. After the disaster, the soil should be loosened in time to facilitate warming and ventilation; before the corn is pulled to the tassel, especially the big bell mouth. Before the period, when the male and female ears and some leaves have not been extracted, they will suffer from locust disasters. As long as the unextracted leaves are not damaged and the roots are left, they should be cultivated and fertilized in time to strengthen the field management. Generally, good harvest is still obtained, and the corn is exposed after heading. In the case of disaster relief, the ability of plants to restore growth is worse, which has a greater impact on yield. According to the survey, corn that has been cut off by the hail can not resume growth; if the ear section is intact, management should be strengthened in time to promote plant growth and reduce yield loss.

    Windstorm. In July and August, there are often violent storms that cause corn to fall or stems. Corn that has fallen or stems before maturity should be raised in time to avoid back pressure and affect photosynthesis. For the inverted corn, if it is only rooted, the plant can be righted up. If it is a stem, the several plants should be bundled together to support the plants.

    Disaster relief. Corn is a crop that requires a large amount of water and is not resistant to cockroaches. When the soil moisture exceeds 80% of the field water holding capacity , the growth and development of the plant is affected, especially in the seedling stage. In the late growth stage of corn, under the condition of high temperature and rain, the roots often suffocate and necrosis due to lack of oxygen, resulting in rapid decline of vitality, and the plants are unripe and dry, which has a great impact on the yield. According to the survey, the corn is generally accumulated for 1 to 2 days before and after the tasseling , which has little effect on the yield. The accumulated water is reduced by 20% in 3 days , and the accumulated water is reduced by 40% in 5 days . For corn that has suffered from flooding, it is necessary to eliminate the accumulated water in the field, reduce the soil and air humidity, and promote the plant to resume growth. When it can normally go down the field, timely cultivating and cultivating the soil to break the knot, prevent lodging, and improve soil permeability. The roots of the plants should be restored to normal physiological activities as soon as possible, and the quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer should be added in time to accelerate the growth of the plants and reduce the losses caused by the disasters.

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