Qijia netizens don't spit out and decorate the building materials

After more than half a year in contact with the decorating materials business, I gradually learned a lot of trickery in the sale of materials. I put these tricks in order, and I opened up the lid for you to use as a reference for everyone to purchase materials.

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Delicate tricks in sales of timber and boards

Calculator, tape measure and carpentry

1. Use a special tape measure.
Usually the ruler is 10 cm, the actual length is only 9 cm, less 10%. If you purchase 3,000 yuan wood at one time, you would earn 300 yuan more. Carpenters generally know, but they will not speak.

2, the volume of the calculation

Even if you go to buy wood with your carpenter, you don't necessarily have to calculate the volume of wood all the time. At this time, JS often directly multiplies the length of the wood by the width and reports the area by volume to the user. The result may be double the price to buy wood. For example, wood that is 4 meters long, 0.25 meters wide, and 0.05 meters thick should be calculated as 4*0.25*0.05=0.05 cubic meters, but as long as you neglect, they will be regarded as 4*0.25=0.1 cubic meters, a difference of two times. There are many tricks for such calculation methods.

3, the thickness of wood less than 0.05 meters in accordance with 0.05 meters, the United States and its name "line regulations."

4. If the purchaser himself does not have a calculator, even if he has a calculator, he will not suspect that the calculator has a remote control. The remote control is usually placed in the pocket. When the calculator is in operation, press the remote control for 10%, and press the remote control for 20%. If you use the calculator they prepared in advance, as long as the other party presses the same number of times, how to calculate the result will be the same.

5, woodworking

Woodworkers buy rebates in buying timber and plates.

According to JS, who sells the wood, 99% of the woodworkers have kickbacks, and 1% of them don’t even have a dispute with the vendors and even fight. As long as they see the seller’s use of the above Dafa, they don’t expose it at the time of purchase. They can take the rebate when they go out and turn around.

Fish beads in sale

In addition to wood, there are many factors that affect the quality of boards, such as the formaldehyde content (formaldehyde is one of the ten building materials industries that has been banned by the State Technical Supervision Bureau in 2002, which exceeds the standard). Formaldehyde is mainly derived from glue, and some inferior plates. The formaldehyde content exceeds 100% of the national standard. This alone can be as much as ten yuan less than the standard glue production cost, and it is extremely harmful to the human body; if the wood for keel is not dried, it will cause the upper floor to arch Serious riots.

Some JS sell low-priced boards as high-priced vehicles. For example, Wanxiang Blockboard has 60 yuan and 78 yuan, while JS can use 60 yuan/sheet to sell 78 yuan. Ordinary consumers do not. These authentication capabilities.

Sales Alliance

Mainly refers to some wood, board vendors, mostly fellow or friends, in order to obtain higher profits, gathered in a certain area, quite bitingly high prices, even if your family asked in the past, is also about the same price, so I agree with this high price that the market price was slaughtered.

Sales in the "vertical"

The vulgar JS can easily find out the psychology of the buyer and use it as a means to achieve high profits. For example, you know that the price of a Wanxiang brand blockboard is 60 yuan, but you don’t know the price of MDF, gypsum board, veneer, and PCT board. JS will price it at 55. The Wanxiang brand blockboard was sold to you and gained trust, and then sold the MDF to 80 yuan/Zhang (actually 40 yuan). The more you buy, the greater the loss.

Woodworking tricks

From time to time, some people will bring honest woodworkers to buy wood, but they don't know that blackhearted woodworkers secretly eat kickbacks. Usually the carpenter walks around the market. You think he is looking at the timber. In fact, he is touching the rebate rate and one eye can reach an agreement.

Poor porter

Buy the plates to be transported to move upstairs. Usually the decorating team nowadays is known as a skilled worker. Few people have done this job of moving wood. So often before the purchase of wood, the foreman will "remind you" to find a good porter in the market. When buying timber, many porters will stare like flies, and they can't help but negotiate a very low price to negotiate the money.

But when the timber is shipped downstairs and the porter moves 20% of the goods, it will come. Or say that there are too many things and the wages are low. Going to the ground and starting at the ground will double the handling fee. This is especially true when the sky is changing. It is especially useful when you see it rains quickly; or the wood is too long. Can not be transported, to woodworking sawn the wood short and then move, but if you plug 100 yuan in the past, then long wood can also be put up; or hungry and thirsty to move. In a certain area, porters are usually a place. Even if you do not use them, no one is available because they are all fellows.
Plus a tricky

The length of the double-ended tape measure is standard, and there is a head in the tape when it is measured, which is 10% less.

The woodline thing

Talking about the line of wood, even the foreman told me that since the purchase of a natural walnut veneer had to match the natural walnut line to do the door and window frame, first to accompany me to B & Q to see things when shopping, 1.5cmX6cm specifications The United States black walnut line 42 yuan a meter, while the foreman said that do a maximum of 20 pieces outside.

I even called him to accompany the outsider to order. He helped me with a JS that was supposed to set up a booth at B&Q. The factory was next to the B&Q Wenshui Road shop. JS took a few samples and talked about it the other day. This move is really toxic, it is to test even the eyesight, if it is a rookie, Oh, immediately you did not discuss), even know where ah, can only listen to JS Hu Wei, color South African black walnut, homemade black walnut, American black walnut. . . Then say that the authentic American black walnut line is 28 yuan/meter. Even if you look at JS vowed to ensure the real goods, as well as the recommendation of the foreman, it is easy to sign the contract. On the day of delivery, I received a few bundles of chromatic aberrations. I didn't care much about them. In any case, JS promised to change. Or was the other JS present (doing marble, huh, huh, another story) eye-tip, saying that the size of the wood is not enough, a quantity of 5.7x1.3, which is nearly 20%! After the telephone negotiations, JS promised to discount according to the actual size, although letting a step, but also made me a crisis of confidence in the JS, multiple minds, called the wood saw a small section on the side. After a few days, when I went to Yishan Road to buy a tile, I saw a shop with wooden lines at the entrance. I went in and put the wood lines out for inspection. Even if they were false, I even called them to the couple. Authentic reference, it really was a lot worse, even let saw a piece brought back, and then put JS called to let him see, at first he also insisted that all are authentic, I said why so many, JS even analogy Road The ginseng also has ginseng and American ginseng! Even down! Of course, at the end of the day, JS still admitted that he had given me a discount, and this price was even deliberately disclosed to the foreman first. It seemed that he had unfortunately encountered a similar situation.

If TX has to buy solid wood lines, be careful! The foreman, who had been doing carpentry for 8 years and had been doing decoration for 10 years, told me that he has only encountered a family with authentic American walnuts so far. All the rest is not!

There are all js who buy marble, will use a variety of processing fees to add money, very hateful.

Plate of tricky


Plate thickness: Imported plates are basically around 2CM, domestically made from 1.4~1.8CM, and their thickness is not the same, their prices are not the same. Therefore, the same quality and color of the board, JS offer different, so when you buy it is necessary to ask the thickness.

Two tricks: different processing accuracy

The precision of domestic plate processing is not enough. Some of the same batch of plates are 1.5CM thick, some are 1.6CM thick, and the length and width dimensions are deviated, which makes it difficult to install the mason, resulting in poor construction quality. The reason is nothing more than the equipment can not keep up, the worse the equipment, the lower the price.

When I bought wood, I was very upset. I took the list from other tx, and each of them cut the unit price, cut it down to the unit price of tx, calculated the total price more than 3,600, cut it again, cut it to 3,000 pieces and started sawing it. At the time, it was only found that the total price was only 3,400, and JS had counted 200 more. After engaging with him, JS refused to make concessions. In the end, he only needed to get a splint again. The foreman hid on the edge, and he wouldn’t come to me. NND!

When I bought the floor, I didn't catch up with the group purchase, and I didn't like ant wood. Later I went to Xilumeng, where I bought the Baluosu board and only cut it to 143/ping. I went to the factory to pick the board and finally called the woodworker. Since it was just a rainy day, it was actually a lamp in the warehouse. As a result, some of the colors were relatively large.

Three tricks: polishing equipment

Plates have a degree of polishing, some can reach 110 degrees, and some can only reach 70 degrees, so the polishing equipment is not good, the same board has a different degree of polishing, it looks different.

Four tricky: shoddy

The store looks like a first-class board, and it is indeed a Class 2 board for you to use. The difference is in color and processing accuracy.

Five tricks: big materials do not make money, small materials make money

Large materials (large plates, engineering plates) are basically net prices + losses, but the loss of materials can be processed into lines, borders, etc., which is what they can make.

Six tricky: take the real thing

Stained with 663 into Sichuan red, the price difference 100 yuan / square

Identification of the dyed board to the side of the board, if it is the same color as the board surface (in the case of no polishing), is stained, generally the unstained edges are white. Stained plates look dull and fade over time.

Seven tricks: different ways of making

The marble lines are generally milled with block materials. The cost is high and the quality is good. However, some JS pastes the plates and grinds them into lines. The roughness is poor, but the price is much lower.

Tricky eight: Edge grinding

The edging must be done with good craftsmanship, which is generally done by the masters of the stone factory. Some material companies use small workers to grind, the results are uneven, and the luster is not the same, the cost down a lot.
There are also water mills and dry mills in the edging process. The quality of the water mill is good, the quality of the dry mill is poor, and the gloss is worse. JS is pumping the oil in the dry grinding place, hoping to achieve the effect of the water mill and obtain a higher profit.

Stuffy nine: different origin

Taking large flower green as an example, there are domestically produced, Taiwanese, and Greek-made products. The prices vary. The stores look like imports, but they are used for domestic production.
The same flower is green, and the darker is more expensive than the lighter ones. It is also where the ghosts are.

Ten tricky: repair

Some boards have flaws, and JS uses pencils for color correction and waxing.
Some panels have subtle cracks and JS uses marble glue for color repair.
This second board can be sold to the price of the first board.

Switch socket sales trick:

Siemens authenticity
1, the price: "Siemens office limited minimum retail price is 7 fold, Siemens switch socket retail transaction price should be the guide price of 62 to 65 fold, less than 62% off the retail sales of the usual purchase price is about 62% , so adulteration is very likely. "

This price scale is what your supplier gives you. Don't see other people's prices as low as others saying it is fake. At present, the purchase price of the distributor to the first-tier seller is 40%, and the price of the second-level distributor to the second-tier distributor is 6.2%. The link of the counterfeit goods is at the second level. Of course, the supermarket is excluded. Because they are the purchase price of the first-tier sellers, the selling price is high and cannot be equal.

2. “Panel glossiness: Siemens panel gloss is good, false surface is not smooth, dark, and rough work.”

This is a bit sensible, but this is a very small part of the market. The counterfeits and the real market are almost the same in appearance and texture. We encountered problems at this point last year.

3, "The most important point is that after removing the switch frame, the inside of the switch is sprayed with a computer code. The switch code is really intermittent, such as "---", but the code of the fake is continuous. , such as "-"."

This is a typical needle-punching method, which is very simple. If it is counterfeit, it can not be used as a basis for judging if it is counterfeit.

4. “Siemens counterfeit goods often appear in telephone and computer outlets at present. It is common for dealers to remove the blanks of Siemens blank panels or the inner core of small ones, and then install fake telephones and computer cores. The identification method is : The number of computer inkjets is different on both sides of the switch. For example, Siemens phone printing is 5TJ0100, and fake Siemens phone printing may spray 5TJ0500 or ECCE, ECCE22, and ECCE33."

This one is ridiculous: 5TJ0100 is Siemens. . . . , What is not, but 5TG0100, 5TG0100 represents the model, is a single-line telephone socket (American line with four-door protection) means. The 5TG0500 refers to the meaning of the blank panel. The phone socket cannot print the symbols of the blank panel. I think the counterfeiters cannot even introduce Siemens. The same is not ECCE, ECCE22, ECCE33, but 1CC1, 1CC1 22, 1CC1 33, 1CC1 --- white, 1CC1 22 - color silver, 1CC1 33 --- gold brown.

About the price of PPR pipe trick:

The first is about the price of PPR pipe. Many members think that they can talk about very low prices when they go to the market. Take Pirza 6 in charge, for example, group purchase is currently engaged in preferential activities is 12 yuan / meter, and some dealers can give 11 yuan / meter. In fact, this is a common practice used by dealers: in the main material that the average consumer is more concerned about, it reports a very low price to attract you. This price may even be lower than his purchase price, and then it will not be noticed by everyone or not. The accessories with too clear prices were reported to be high and the money was earned back. Fittings and fittings account for about 50% of the total investment in water pipes, and many dealers are making a fuss about it.

In addition, some members now reflect that even if the price of accessories is still relatively low, we have done a lot of investigations on this issue. The situation is: According to the information provided by our suppliers, many decorating companies and retailers (including some large The proportion of water pipes and fittings ordered by distributors from the distributors is obviously inconsistent. It is often ordered one or two thousand water pipes at the same time to order one or two thousand pieces of accessories, then the remaining parts of the gap how to solve it? Other brands of accessories to charge! In addition, even take some fake accessories to fill.

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