Grinder manufacturing companies should adopt a multi-pronged approach to accelerate the pace of alternative imports

Abstract In 2011, the import of metal processing machine tools in China was high. The import volume from January to December reached US$ 13.24 billion, a year-on-year increase of 40.6%. Machining centers, grinding machines and special processing machines are among the top three importers of various metal processing machines. China's metal from January to June this year...

In 2011, the import of metal processing machine tools in China was high, and the import volume from January to December reached US$ 13.24 billion, a year-on-year increase of 40.6%. Machining centers, grinding machines and special processing machines are among the top three importers of various metal processing machines. From January to June this year, the cumulative import of metal processing machine tools in China increased by 3.3%, while the average unit price increased by 31.3% year-on-year, of which the average unit price of CNC machine tools increased by 19.2%. It reflects that the market demand structure is constantly upgrading. As the final precision machining, the grinding machine has become a major importer and has always ranked second in the import of various metal processing machine tools.

In recent years, the innovation of the grinding machine industry has been continuous, and the numerical control rate and profit rate of the grinding machine products have also increased year by year. Many products have won many awards at the national and provincial levels, but it is undeniable that the import of high-grade CNC grinding machines is also rising. Taking the automobile industry as an example, many domestic grinding machine manufacturers have produced various types of CNC cylindrical grinding machines, CNC crankshaft grinding machines and CNC camshaft grinding machines that can meet the needs of the automotive industry, and even domestic CNC grinding machines have been available, and They have entered the market, but their total volume is small and they have not been able to enter the mainstream production line applications in the automotive industry. Nearly one-third of imported grinding machines are used in the automotive industry and for the automotive industry. The reason is mainly because our products have a big gap with the international level in applicability, reliability and accuracy stability.

Throughout the biggest difference between imported high-end CNC grinding machines and domestic products, the author believes that most of the imported products are user-centered, based on the user's process route, with technological innovation as the carrier and manufacturing process as the support, and the design process is fully considered. The market positioning of the grinding machine manufacturing enterprises is based on the industry and meets the requirements in detail.

Mastering the user process is the basis for developing a good product

The internationally developed machine tool manufacturers have established a complete marketing system. Marketing engineers should first have a professional technical background, which can enable customers to have a comprehensive understanding of the products. At the same time, they can analyze the needs of customers with a more professional eye and feedback to the technical department, so that they can get strong support from the technical department in time. Marketing engineers must also take into account solid interpersonal communication skills and have certain financial knowledge to conduct a certain analysis of customers and find potential breakthrough points. The technical department will standardize, serialize and modularize the products according to the market positioning and product development direction of the enterprise, and combine the process routes of the user industry, and provide a complete set of production lines and solutions from the provision of a single machine tool. Taking Germany's JUNKER as an example, in 2010, the performance of the grinding machine provided by JUNKER to Chinese users increased by more than 400%. The main sources of growth were cylindrical grinding machines (including crankshaft grinding machines, camshaft grinding machines), and the main users were the automotive industry. . Around 2003, the company mainly received orders for a single machine tool. There was only one machine tool of the company on one production line. However, in the past two years, customers can purchase multiple machine tools from JUNKER to form a production line. Efficient compound grinding, coupled with automated equipment, to achieve the highest efficiency of the production line, line technology and comprehensive solutions have become one of JUNKER's technical advantages. Another technical advantage of JUNKER is reflected in the details. 80% of the components of JUNKER equipment are basically modular, so the equipment manufacturing can be started when the equipment order is finalized, thus effectively reducing the manufacturing cycle. These advantages make JUNKER a "big winner" in the Chinese market.

It is unavoidable that some domestic user industries may not form a perfect or the same process route because the products are still in the stage of innovation or due to the introduction of technology, which directly affects the beginning of design and development of machine tools. Standardization, serialization and modularization. But why can't we change our minds? Combining the technical characteristics of the enterprise and the direction of product development, we “sink into” the user industry, use our technology and capabilities to match the users, integrate into the process of user manufacturing process formation, and make the user process and our machine tool through the participation of the process. The product forms the best fit, and through the user's feedback on the use of the machine tool, it constantly improves and improves the series and configuration of the product, and finally forms the standardization, serialization and modularization of the machine tool product. And through cooperation and demonstration applications with users, we can also stabilize and broaden our market and truly achieve a virtuous circle.

Good design also needs good manufacturing processes and means to protect

In recent years, the research and development of domestic CNC machine tools has been continuously increasing, and there are many highlights in the results. But we must also clearly see that there is still a big gap in reliability and accuracy stability. This is not unrelated to the lack of good manufacturing processes and means. Without "fineness", it is impossible to achieve "precisional sustainability."

Many domestic enterprises have mentioned technological innovation to a high degree of emphasis. The proportion of patented technology owned by enterprises is also increasing, but innovative technologies must be developed from stand-alone manufacturing to industrialization, realizing the high reliability and precision of domestic high-end CNC machine tools. Sex, innovation in manufacturing processes is an essential support. However, at present, we seem to have a clear understanding of the status of manufacturing process technology to support technological innovation, and there is a phenomenon of redesigning light technology. The investment in manufacturing and assembly process research and process optimization research that satisfies high reliability and stability is far less than the investment in product development, and the country has also shown heavy design and light craftsmanship in many project settings. The phenomenon also objectively affects the level of domestic high-end CNC machine tools.

In recent years, many companies have increased their technical reforms, purchased new equipment, and even spared no expense to purchase imported high-end CNC machine tools. However, good equipment is only the foundation. It must also be supported by good process means. Process personnel who “understand” it can achieve good manufacturing through reasonable cutting parameters and process design. Therefore, the inheritance and innovation of key core process technologies can ensure good design and produce good results. The lack of innovation in process technology has largely constrained the overall improvement in reliability and accuracy retention.

Machine tool manufacturing needs diverse innovative talents

Machine reliability and accuracy stability are not guaranteed by design alone. It involves the whole process of pre-sales technical communication, design, machining, assembly, testing, test cutting and installation and commissioning. In other words, people involved in marketing, technology development, manufacturing processes, inspection and grinding, as long as there is a link that is not in place, may affect the final result. The key to technological innovation is talents in all aspects, design marketing talents, R&D talents, senior blue-collar manufacturing talents, and customer service specialists. Whether the connection between each position and link is effective directly affects the final result. At present, our entire large cultural environment is beneficial to the development of technical R&D talents. However, it is insufficient for senior technicians, marketing and after-sales services, etc., which need to integrate comprehensive capabilities and long-term technology accumulation, and objectively restrict the development of technological innovation. . Enterprises should learn from foreign experience and strengthen early cooperation with higher vocational schools so that these students can understand the company as soon as possible, integrate into the culture of the company, and provide them with a good development platform, and ultimately enable the company to gradually establish comprehensive talents. The team meets the full range of talent needs for business development.

The machine tool industry is an industry that needs to settle and accumulate. Leading foreign companies have a complete and comprehensive talent training process, and have accumulated over the years, forming a full range of teams from sales, design, manufacturing to installation, commissioning and service.

The enterprise mechanism needs to fully meet the industrialization needs of high-grade CNC grinding machines

Most of the domestic grinding machine manufacturing enterprises are developed from the original state-owned enterprises. Although there are some enterprises and private enterprises, their corporate culture still has a strong state-owned enterprise mechanism and color. This can also be seen from our products. Once the market turns better, the sales volume can be improved rapidly, but it is mainly the general-purpose grinding machine we commonly call. After the market changes, the sales volume drops significantly, showing the middle and high-end suitable for the market demand. The production of CNC grinding machines does not match the entire management mechanism of the enterprise. The phenomenon of delayed delivery of special machine tools in the whole machine tool industry has not been fundamentally changed. In fact, it has also affected the selection of users.

From the perspective of user selection, it is often considered that the lead time for the purchase of imported grinding machines can be longer, and the delivery time for domestic grinding machines should be shortened. Domestic grinding machine manufacturers must meet the user requirements in order to win orders, but the shortening of the manufacturing cycle may pose a hidden danger in the final quality of the product. The result is that the domestic high-end CNC grinding machine is difficult to enter the mass industrialization track.

From the perspective of domestic grinding machine manufacturers, in the past few years, due to the overall market prosperity, many companies are busy with technological transformation to expand production capacity, and because the demand of different industries in the market is ever-changing, the demand for growth of the company's own orders is The contradiction between the shortage of technology leaders has led many companies to meet orders (technical agreements) and lack of in-depth understanding of market trends and user processes, resulting in products that meet the basic needs of users but are sustainable to technology. Equipment upgrades that meet the user's process technology advancement and user product updates are not forward-looking.

Grinding industry enterprises have been catching up in recent years, but due to the industry's own characteristics, such as variety of products, high precision requirements, technical difficulties, and so on, compared to the entire gold cutting machine industry, its total market is still relatively small. It is recommended that the grinding machine manufacturing enterprises pay attention to the market import volume and the urgent need for development of the country. From the market segmentation, we will make great efforts to adjust and improve the details to meet the needs of users. From the current stage, the adjustment of the market has formed a mechanism for us to reverse, and it also brings some opportunities. Who can seize the opportunity, adjust the product structure of the company itself, and seize the market of imported products, who will be the final winner of this market.

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