Precautions when painting

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Brushing paint also needs to pass the technology, otherwise the paint will not look good. We should understand the precautions of the paint, whether it is ourselves or the painter. Here, I will give you a detailed explanation. Brush paint should be something to mind.

What should I pay attention to when painting?

First of all, the oil industry acceptance is best accepted at the construction side, and problems can be remedied in time. Which wall is completed and immediately accepted.

When the wall is painted and the painted wall is checked, you can rub it back on the wall with your hands. It feels smooth and smooth, which means that the effort is in place. If the hand feels very embarrassing, and then look at the wall from the direction of the backlight, if the surface is uneven, there is obviously a trace of the roller passing, indicating that during the construction process, the number of paints on the wall is not enough, and the thickness of the paint layer is not To the request.

For normal brushing, it is necessary to carry out the primer coating twice, and any cut-off will be shown from the flatness of the surface. A qualified project will appear very uniform under backlighting and will not show traces of the brush.

Normal wall flour brush, after the process of batching putty, leveling, grinding, painting, etc., requires the construction personnel not only to use the heart, but also to use it. Usually, half of the impact on the wall surface is in the middle of the work, so the quality of the material is also the key to ensure the overall effect.

Wood paint to see if there is a "flow"

Wood works are mainly wooden cabinets and wooden ceilings. It is understood that woodworkers are divided into clear oil and mixed oil. Clear oil is the texture of the material itself, and the oil will completely cover the texture of the material itself.

Wood cabinets should pay special attention to the details when painting. If it is clear oil, the most important part is the invisible details. For example, the bottom edge of the cabinet, this is the most difficult place for people to pay attention to. If the paint is done, this part is smooth and smooth. If there are some raised small cockroaches, careful observation will reveal that the paint is flowing down and solidified. This is called "flowing". If there is a "flow", the paint process is not enough.

If it is mixed oil, it depends on whether the surface of the mixed oil is even, smooth and smooth, and whether the corners of the cabinet are evenly painted.

The silicon powder is used as a raw material, and the desired shape is first formed by a usual molding method, and preliminary nitriding is performed in a nitrogen gas at a high temperature of 1200 ° C, and a part of the silicon powder is reacted with nitrogen to form Silicon Nitride, and the entire billet is then formed. The body already has a certain strength. Then, a second nitriding is carried out in a high temperature furnace at 1350 ° C to 1450 ° C to form a silicon nitride. A silicon nitride having a theoretical density of 99% can be obtained by a hot press sintering method.

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