From the body of the Double Ninth Festival, you can drink the chrysanthemum wine and associate it with the custom of hanging the leaves of the Dragon Boat Festival and drinking the royal rice wine. In fact, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Double Ninth Festival, one is alternating between spring and summer, and the other is alternating autumn and winter, which is the time when diseases are easy to be popular. This also reflects the scientific thinking of our ancestors to prevent disease. It is a traditional Chinese medicine. "Chinese Pharmacy Dictionary" explains that this product can be used in both the north and the south. It is better to use "Wu Di" as a medicine, so it is also called Wu Hao. The so-called "Wu Di" is the Wu State in history. This embarrassing name also comes from a legend.

According to legend, during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the weak Wu State had to pay tribute to the strong neighboring countries on time every year. One year, the emissary of Wu Guo dedicated his country's special "Wu Yu" medicine to the king of Chu. The greedy and ignorant Chu Wang loves the pearl agate gold and silver treasure. He simply looks down on this native Chinese herbal medicine. He thinks that Wu Guo is teasing him, so he is furious and cannot allow the Wu State messenger to explain it. Go to the palace. There was a doctor named Zhu on the side of the king of Chu. He was very close to the emissaries of Wu and was busy taking him home to comfort him. Wu Guo’s messenger said that Wu Hao is a superior medicinal material in China. It has the functions of warming the pain, reducing the pain and reducing the vomiting. It is good for treating stomach cold and abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, etc. The factors are the dysentery of Wen Chuwang’s stomach and abdominal pain, so I don’t think of Chu Wang. Even indiscriminately... Listening to it, Dr. Zhu sent people to the embassy of Wu to return to China, and carefully kept the Wu Hao he brought.

The following year, Chu Wang suffered from recurrence of cold disease, abdominal pain such as knife twist, group doctors have no choice. When Zhu Dafu saw the time had come, he hurriedly smashed Wu Hao and gave it to the king of Chu. He took a moment to relieve the pain. Chu Wang was overjoyed and rewarded Zhu Dafu. He asked what kind of medicine is this? Zhu Dafu will give medicine to the messengers of Wu last year. Narrative. After listening to the Chu King, he was very remorseful. He sent a gift to apologize to Wu Wang, and ordered him to plant Wu. A few years later, the plague epidemic in Chu State, the patients with abdominal pain all over the place, relying on Wu Hao to save the lives of thousands of people. In order to thank Zhu Dafu for his life-saving grace, the people of Chu State added a "Zhu" to the front of Wusong and renamed it "Wu Zhuyu." The later medical scientists added a grass head to the Zhu character, which was officially named "Wu Yu" and has been used ever since.

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