Hardware garden tools usher in peak sales

Hardware garden tools usher in peak sales In the hot summer, not only do people have to cool off, but flowers and plants also need to cool off. Recently, the high temperature of the past days has pushed the sales of garden tools on the China Science & Technology Hardware City Market to the peak, especially for some convenient, practical and high-end garden tools favored by consumers.

The garden tools on the hardware city field include the water spray gun, garden shears, lawn mower, hand spade, sprayer, etc. The products are dazzling, and everything, including water spray guns, sprayers and other watering, cooling tools are currently on the market. The most popular product. A consumer revealed when purchasing a sprayer that the previous sprayer had a single function and was generally used to spray pesticides. In the first few days, he saw that his counterparts who planted flowers and trees introduced a set of functions such as spraying pesticides and watering. Machine, very convenient to use. So today I purposely took the time to visit Hardware City and see if there is any sale. After looking for it, it was found that almost every garden tool sales shop had this new type of sprayer to sell.

The owner of the distribution department of Green Garden Tools explained that such a new, high-end, multi-use garden tool is now the mainstream of the entire market, in addition to the needs of many units, professional floristry, and some individual consumers also The product has a soft spot. In recent years, flowers and vegetables have become a new way of sports and leisure for some office workers. Not only can they exercise, they can also improve the environment and harvest green vegetables and fruits. Therefore, it is inevitable to purchase a set of garden tools. And these commuters' consumption concepts tend to be high-end, convenient, stylish, and sophisticated. Therefore, all kinds of high-end garden tools on the hardware city field began to be hot. The calendar boss gave an example. Nowadays, people attach great importance to the ecological environment. Some independent houses or houses with front and rear yards use grass and trees as much as possible to green space, such as planting trees and planting flowers. Many people like to do it themselves and improve their living. At the same time, the environment has been exercised. This part of consumers often do not care about the price of the product. They value the brand, quality and performance. The so-called high-end products demanded by high-end consumers are just such a reason.

In Jiayuan Garden Tools Sales Department, several customers are asking Ms. Qian to ask about the use and functions of various garden tools. Originally, they were procurement personnel for a company. Not long ago, the company had just moved to the new factory area, where there was a lot of flowers and trees needed care. The original garden tools were not enough, and some of them were no longer applicable. The weather is so hot nowadays that the tools for the conservation of flowers and trees are indispensable. Therefore, everyone is appointed by the company to purchase a batch of new garden tools from Hardware City. Ms. Qian recommended to them several new products introduced in the store. These new products boldly enabled new ideas and new technologies in production, overcoming many deficiencies, compounding the multiple functions of the green care facilities, and having low labor intensity and cost. Low, multi-purpose, easy to operate, reliable, long life, etc., can trim fences, care for lawns, trimmed withered trunks on tall landscape trees, irrigate large areas of trees, turf, etc. , Home Economics, and property company procurement.

It is said that hot weather is a nightmare for all walks of life. There are indeed some industries in the Hardware City venue in the midsummer. However, garden tools are an exception. Flowers and trees need to be planted in the spring, cut in autumn, protected in winter, and cultivated in summer. No matter what kind of season, flowers and trees are less garden tools, just as stocks see bears and cannot be "long." The weather is so hot. In order to protect them, no hand tools are available, and the sun must be bought on the Hardware City Market.

NY510 Oil-Resisting Asbestos Rubber Sheet

Description:NY510 Oil-Resisting Asbestos Rubber Sheet oil resistant material of the highest quality composed of long grade chrysotile asbestos fiber with NBR binder.It can be with wire inserted and graphited on one side or double sides surface.

Usage:NY510 Oil-Resisting Asbestos Rubber Sheet suitable for the mediums of  temperature under 510℃,pressure under 5.0MPa in kerosene,mineral oil,plant oil,hot chemical solvent oil,etc transmitted in the joints of facilities and pipelines.




4100×1500mm; 4500 x 1500mm;2000×1500mm;

1500×1500mm;1500×1000mm;1270×1300mm; 3810×1300mm 

Thickness:  0.5~6.0mm

Technical data:

Lateral Tensile Strength MPa      â‰§18.0    

Compressibility %                          7~17  

Recovery%                                     ≧50

Density g/cm³                               1.6~2.0  

Normal temperature softness   No cracking  

Oil Resistivity Test:

Immersion IRM903 Oil keeping 5h (149℃)

Lateral Tensile Strength(MPa)       â‰¥ 15.0  

Weigh gain rate(%)                         ≤30  

Immersion ASTM Fuel Oil B keeping 5h(21-30℃)

thickening rate (%)                 0~20  

Oil sealing properties under normal Temperature

Medium:RH-75 Avgas  

Pressure:   18Mpa  No leaking keeping 30 minutes  

Nitrogen Leakage Rate ML/(h•mm)≦300 

 NY510 Oil-Resisting Asbestos Rubber Sheet


NY510 Oil-Resisting Asbestos Rubber Sheet

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