Factors affecting flowering of geranium

Factors affecting the flowering of geranium :

(1) Too much watering or rain, the long-term accumulation of water in the basin, causing rotten roots, yellow leaves or long plants, all affect flowering.

(2) Excessive fertilization, especially excessive nitrogen fertilizer, tends to cause long leaves, no flowering or sparse flowering, and poor flower quality. However, insufficient or no fertilization will affect the normal growth and flowering of the plants. Therefore, in the early spring or early autumn should be more appropriate to apply some phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

(3) The temperature is too high or too low, the room temperature is above 20 °C in winter, plus poor ventilation, the leaves are easy to grow, affecting the next year's flowering, but the wintering temperature is lower than 0 °C, it is susceptible to freezing damage, the leaf edge turns yellow and soft . Geranium is also sensitive to changes in temperature difference. If it changes sharply, it will cause the flowers to fall off.

(4) The light is too strong, and the summer is exposed to direct sunlight. The leaf edge is prone to sunburn, poor growth or flower and leaf fall off.

(5) Topping is over-weighted, and there are few long-term leaves, which will delay the growth period, and the number of flowers and flowers is small. In addition, when winter and spring are used for indoor maintenance, if the long-term light is insufficient, it is easy to cause the plants to grow without blooming, and even the formed flower buds will shrink and dry due to insufficient light. Therefore, winter should pay attention to give more light.

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